Larsen & Toubro (L&T) Deploys RFID Enabled Vehicle Tracking System at Hazira to Ensure Heightened Security


Larsen & Toubro (L&T) Deploys RFID Enabled Vehicle Tracking System at Hazira to Ensure Heightened Security

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Wednesday, March 20, 2013 — (Business Wire India) — With a view to provide enhanced security to L & T – Hazira premises, an RFID based Vehicle Tracking Solution was implemented by Mumbai based Essen RFID . The RFID solution shall ensure real-time tracking for the purposes of security, parking & access control. Essen RFID’s Vehicle Tracking System has also been implemented successfully at Hiranandani Residential Complex at Powai & for Renuka Sugars at Gulbarga. The automated system implementation has helped in manpower optimization besides realizing time & cost savings for the organization.

Some of the key challenges being observed at L & T were:

— Managing heavy traffic at the time of entering and while exiting.

— Preventing unauthorized vehicles from entering the company parking lot.

— Maintaining track records and entry/exit logs of all vehicles in the parking lot.

Essen RFID provided a comprehensive solution for efficiently tracking vehicles entering and exiting the parking lot, through its RFID-based Vehicle Tracking System .

Xtenna T RFID Integrated Antenna-Readers were installed, one each for the ‘Entry’ and ‘Exit’ gates of the parking lot. A PARKAT Tag was issued to each vehicle and affixed to its windshield. The tags were registered using an Xtenna ProximityT Antenna-Reader. The tracking system incorporated a signal light triggered through RFID at the ‘Entry’ gate that managed the flow of vehicles

The vehicle tracking system has 3 initial steps to set up the database:

— Creating master entry of vehicle owner details

— Creating master entry of vehicle details

— Assigning a tag to each vehicle

The Process steps described below explain the entire process from an end to end perspective:-

— All relevant owner details are obtained for the system database.

— Details of each vehicle are also entered into the system database.

— A permanent RFID tag is assigned to each vehicle. Essen RFID’s PARKAT Tag is used for this purpose.

— When a vehicle enters the company’s parking lot, its tag is detected at the ‘Entry’ gate by the XtennaT Antenna-Reader that has been mounted at the gate. XtennaT reads the tag, and verifies that it is a registered tag that has been assigned to an authorized vehicle. It then logs the entry time and transmits this data back to the server.

— The server then triggers the switch controlling the signal light at the gate. The signal light which by default is ‘red’, now turns ‘green’ and the car is allowed inside. Once the car has passed through the detection area and its tag detection has ceased, the green signal light turns off till it has detected another registered tag.

— As the car’s tag gets read at the Entry gate its time log gets stored in the database. Similarly, the XtennaT mounted at the Exit gate detects the tag of the exiting car and its departing time gets logged in the server database.

— The system has report generation functions that provide details of vehicles and their owners, tags, entry and exit times, and the vehicles present in the parking lot at any given time, thus providing a complete record of vehicular movement for the administrator

Key benefits delivered by the RFID system include:-

— Increased security.

— Accurate identification and access for authorized vehicles.

— Real-time tracking of all vehicles entering and exiting the gates.

— Automated entry and exit logging enables quick movement, preventing congestion and time wastage at the gates.

— Automated report generation enables ready record reference.

Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd , one of the largest sugar producers in the country has implemented Essen RFID’s Vehicle Management System. It has many sugar mills at various locations in India with a very high total crushing capacity. Each of these sugar mills has a continuous flow of vehicles every day during the harvest season, of farmers carrying fresh sugarcane for crushing in the mill. The company used a cumbersome manual system for keeping a record of all these vehicles.

The current system used was a manual entry log system that kept a daily record of trips and transactions. Due to heavy volume of traffic, manual entry system is extremely time consuming & inefficient. This results in higher processing times, higher queue times, over payment, delays, etc

Essen RFID offered a RFID based Vehicle Management System as an automated solution. Its XtennaT antenna-readers track incoming vehicles which have RFID tags affixed on them, automatically make an entry of each vehicle with its trailers and accordingly generate receipts.

This integrated solution offering enables automation and data updation in near real-time.

Essen RFID’s Integrated RFID Reader-Antenna referred to as XtennaT was installed & mounted at key Entry Gate.

METALLICAT tags are affixed to the sides of tractors and trailers.

Commenting on the development, Essen RFID’s Managing Director, Mr.Apurva Parekh commented “Security & Peak hour traffic management were the twin challenges in this L & T project & this was promptly taken care of by RFID technology by automating the entry & exit of vehicles along with accurate identification of authorized vehicles.”

On Renuka Sugars, Mr.Parekh stated “Key benefits delivered by this project include manpower optimization alongwith significant savings of time. This automated process has done away with token issuance process besides a host of manual processes. Quick turnover of vehicles, accurate & automatic generation of receipts, reduction in scope for human error are some of the other benefits. Additional benefits include finding records for effective payment distribution & ease of Maintenance”

On Hiranandani, Mr.Parekh added, “Accurate identification of Residents and their seamless entry was promptly taken care of by RFID technology by automating the entry & exit of vehicles along with accurate identification of authorized vehicles.”

About Essen RFID

Essen RFID is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of RFID hardware in India & is known for its breakthrough product Xtenna TM for which it has been granted Patent in the US & is awaiting Patent rights in India. Xtenna TM is an Integrated Reader-Antenna module capable of detecting RFID tag signals at a distance of upto 40 feet. Essen RFID also manufactures RFID tags out of its manufacturing facility at Baddi, Himachal Pradesh.

Essen’s Xtenna TM finds application in diverse areas such as SCM, Inventory verification, access control, smart cards, library management, payment ID, animal tagging, automated proof of delivery, real time location of goods and product security.

Essen RFID is headquartered in the Central Business District of Nariman Point, Mumbai & has a global presence across multiple geographies.

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