RG Residency organizes ‘Go Green’ Tree Plantation Drive


Noida, June 07, 2016: RG Residency organized a tree plantation campaign by planting a sapling in their society and outside, Sector 120 on June 5, to mark the occasion of World Environment Day. Residents of RG Residency joined the drive along with the locals in planting saplings. On the occasion, more than 300 families and other residents of Noida, Sector 120 participated to get the saplings planted by understanding their responsibility towards the Mother Nature. The highlight at the event was, when the adults planted the saplings, even children were witnessed doing the same. This act of responsibility is the need of the hour as it is most important to protect our environment in order to protect ourselves and future generations.

To mark the rising pollution in Noida, people expressed their responsibility towards the city. Inhabitants took oath on the occasion that they will not cut tress, not waste water and not to use plastic bags. Every participant was wearing green coloured clothes to indicate the Green environment message of the event. Also, Selfy counter as well as the venue and signature corner had been arranged to keep the memories of the day forever. Around 500 people expressed their concern towards enhancing awareness and responsibility for the nature and the message taught by elders to children about the importance of environmental protection. Presence of around 300 residents meant that around 300 saplings were planted. Also, a few hundred saplings were provided to the locals by RG Residency to plant them in the region.

Corporate comm India (CCI Newswire)