Walplast launches new website to enhance customer experience in the construction industry.

Navi Mumbai, August 18, 2023: Walplast Products Pvt. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of building construction materials is delighted to announce the launch of its...

The Artists’ Book Launch of Hafele ‘8 Verticals’

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Monday, April 15, 2013 -- (Business Wire India) -- An artists' book radically re-conceptualizes a book as an artistic form, not a publishing enterprise, not a fine press production, not a portfolio of prints, but a new hybrid form without rules or limits.


Priya Pereira of 'Pixie Bks' has designed an Artists' Book for Hafele called '8 Verticals' .


Artists' Books take every possible form; participate in every possible convention of book making, every possible ism of mainstream art and literature, every possible mode of production, every shape, and every degree of ephemerality or archival durability. Priya Pereira first began making books in 1993 under the name 'Pixie Bks' . Not knowing why she made them or what they were called, or whom the audience and buyer were.it just seemed right then and fortunately seems right now. It is only in 1999, during a visit to the US that she discovered a term for what she did - Artists' Books. She works along with her husband Tony, Creative Director at Rediffusion Y&R Mumbai.

Tata Housing Presents Delhi WallBook

Tata Housing Development Company Limited (THDC); India's fastest growing real estate developer in an effort to support the art and culture of the capital city,takes the initiative to design the first longest wall painting activity in New Delhi -   The Delhi Wallbook. The event will be on 24 th   February   2013 from 9:00am -   3:00pm at   Delhi University - North Campus ,University Road, Maurice Nagar.

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