Wind-Proof Windows and Doors from ENCRAFT

Bengaluru, November 19, 2015: The basic ENCRAFT uPVC door or window is designed to cope with ‘ALL’ Indian wind pressures due to its ability to insert structural steel reinforcements into the hollow main chamber of the uPVC profiles thereby achieving strength compatibility with wood and Aluminium.

In coastal areas or high rise buildings where the local wind pressures are higher, ENCRAFT utilises ‘Hurricane Bars’ as additional support to give further rigidity to frame members. ENCRAFT uPVC doors & windows can withstand storms;gusting over 3000 Pascal’s which is equivalent to a speed of 245 km/hr, without damage or permanent deformation. This benefit has been appreciated in modern architecture when frames are being required for installations in modern, earthquake proof tower blocks exceeding 10 storeys or more. Design flexibility is a hidden strength of most uPVC systems.

By comparison, older windows were built without or inadequate seals, this why people can see sometimes daylight through gaps and experience whistling and rattling sounds especially in exposed locations. For example: It is not a surprise to find newspaper wedged into meeting rail gaps of ‘first’ generation Aluminium sliders to stop unwanted draughts and dampen the unnerving rattling noise. UPVC, being the latest frame material on the market employs, wherever possible, double seals or even triple seals to improve the frame performance, helping to contribute towards a better living environment.

The technical excellence of uPVC, as a material, together with ENCRAFT’s decades of processing expertise combined with its vast R&D experience has been put into good use to introduce a modern uPVC door & window in 2008 that is proven over many years of service in climates ranging from -15 degree Celsiuslike the Himalayan region or in extremely windy and corrosive coastal areas like the Western and Southern region and in hot and dry locations up to 50 degree Celsiuslike Gujarat and Rajasthan, means that ENCRAFT products can confidently be specified to meet the most rigorous requirements of prolonged exposure and use.

ENCRAFT uPVC doors & windows are ideally suited for applications throughout India, especially for buildings close to coastal areas where they are permanently exposed to strong winds, heavy rain and salty air. All window and doors are designed to meet extreme conditions and to comply with recognised standards such as the EN (European Standards), BS (British Standards), DIN (German Standards)and LEED (Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Design).

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)