Prince Galada which redefines contemporary urban living with the experience of a luxury villa in a high-rise apartment located in the heart of Chennai


New Delhi, January 20, 2023: Recent project Prince Galada which redefines contemporary urban living with the experience of a luxury villa in a high-rise apartment located in the heart of Chennai.

Offering the user the best of both worlds – villas within an apartment, Prince Galada redefines urban living. Privacy, exotic views, lush green landscape and spacious homes carve out a top-notch urban living experience, laced with utmost comfort and security. By achieving an FSI of 3.5 on a constricted site, Prince Galada displays efficient planning skills employed in its making. The concept evolved by keeping functionality, efficient planning and user comfort at the centre of the design strategy. With the provision of ample amenities within, the residents spend less time on the road and more at home, all in the lap of luxury and calm.

Sustainable strategies have been incorporated into the design of both the blocks, rooting them to the context and enabling the users with the utmost comfort in Chennai’s hot and humid climate. Double walls made of aerocon blocks are provided for insulation which ensures the interior spaces are cooler and more comfortable. Windows and openings are placed strategically to ensure seamless cross-ventilation and ample natural daylight. After a thorough study of the sun path, both the blocks are zoned to cast shadows on each other, at all times during the day, reducing the harsh heat ingress. To utilise water efficiently, the building is provided with a rainwater harvesting system, considering the heavy rainfall that Chennai receives. Additionally, a sewage treatment plant is facilitated to recycle wastewater and reuse it for various purposes, thereby optimising water usage.

Conclusion: Prince Galada in Chennai redefines high-end, contemporary urban living with an experience of a luxurious villa coupled with the security and amenities of a high-rise apartment. 

Corporate Comm India (CCI Newswire)