GROHE Experiences presents IKIGAI


A one-of-its-kind, industry-first, uber-luxury event where we celebrate Art & Design

New Delhi, January 20, 2023: GROHE, under the aegis of GROHE Experiences, organised IKIGAI’22 with great zeal and grandeur at the Alila Fort Bishangarh by Hyatt in Rajasthan. GROHE Experiences is a specially curated platform for engaging the community of architects and designers by delivering unique, bespoke, and content-driven experiences. The IKIGAI 2022 edition relaunched with GROHE Experiences was the first of many such signature events that will be unveiled in the near future.

At IKIGAI’22 by GROHE Experiences, the most eminent names in the world of architecture and design came together to experience a beautifully curated sojourn in the city of Bishangarh, celebrating the reason for being through artistic indulgences. Like its name, the event draws its inspiration from the Japanese concept “Ikigai,” which revolves around the transience of everything around us as we all traverse through our lives, our reason for being. The philosophy espouses that we must soak in the small pleasures of life in the time we have, and what better way to bring alive this philosophy than to immerse oneself in the art and beauty around us.

The two days spent at IKIGAI’22 were packed with immersive experiences for some of India’s best creative minds, who were present to channel their artistic passion. GROHE Experiences organized a list of sessions, workshops, and vivid experiences for the guests to set them on the path to finding their own ‘Ikigai’. 

The theme of IKIGAI this year was ‘From Dust to Dust…and Everything in Between’. Complementing this theme, the IKIGAI’22 destination was chosen in the culturally rooted, richly artistic, and vibrant state of Rajasthan. The guests were welcomed at the 18th-century warrior fort, which now stands regally in the heart of Bishangarh as a luxurious abode for visitors from around the world—Alila Fort Bishangarh, by Hyatt.

Some highlights from the myriad experiences that were curated were an inspiring session by renowned artist Dr. Subodh Kerkar on the lifecycle of art, which engaged the guests with an intriguing and informative presentation on art, installations, and sculptures. A thought-provoking session by the founder of ANT Studio, Monish Siripurapu, piqued the interest of the crowd with an interactive session on the blend of art, sustainability, and AI in architecture. Food, an essential element of nature, was introduced in various forms through a one-of-a-kind workshop by ‘Brown Koji Boy’, who treated the guests with a captivating workshop on the Japanese art of fermentation. The journey ended with a thrilling performance by the famous sand artist Rahul Arya, which beautifully encapsulated the history and journey of GROHE.

Speaking on IKIGAI’22 Mr. Bobby Joseph Leader LWT India & Subcontinent (GROHE & American Standard) said, “Imagine IKIGAI to be a spectrum for self-introspection, a one-of-a-kind journey that is packed with immersive experiences, artistic expressions and much more to satiate your soul through ART, DESIGN and CULTURE. It is this wonderful Japanese philosophy that we celebrate every year at the IKIGAI, through our collective purpose of celebrating life.”

The experience offered by GROHE Experiences at this glorious fort left the guests with unforgettable memories and new-found inspirations, and hopefully brought them a step closer to discovering their own IKIGAI! 

Corporate Comm India (CCI Newswire)