Bangalore is safe property buy for US NRIs


The impact of economic turndown has been increasingly felt on the overall demand pattern among US NRIs while investing in real estate back home. However, Bangalore continues to remain the favoured destination for investment in housing.

An estimated 45 per cent of the US NRIs wish to seek home loans while investing in residential property across the country. In a survey conducted during the 2-day property show organised by Priya Publications and REBI and held in Edison and Santa Clara during November 12-20, 2011 southern cities drew more demand for investment in real estate. In San Francisco’s bay area alone, Bangalore continues to remain as the favoured destination for techies as chances of re-employment are better in the city for returning NRIs. Whereas in Edison area, Chennai topped the list of cities for realty investment.

Other cities that evinced keen interest among NRIs include Ahmedabad, Pune, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kochi. Among tier III cities that are driving demand specific mention must be made about Mysore, Mangalore, Vishakhapatnam and Coimbatore in south. Incidentally the level of interest for investment in Ahmedabad is up especially with the state receiving more foreign investment for infrastructure projects leading to better yield for investors.

Unlike earlier, demand for villas has surged with a significant number of visitors evincing keen interest to invest in villa projects in southern cities. Other categories of properties for which demand continues include office space, developed plot and retail units. A majority of the US NRIs are looking for professionally managed property management companies to manage their properties during their absence in India. The setting up of shops by MNCs like L J Hooker, Red Sky and Remax has encouraged them to look at additional investment in real estate.

The availability of guaranteed rental income properties has generated much interest due to minimal financial outgo and the flexibility to offset EMI payment against rental income every month. As developers are keen to manage such properties for the initial years, NRIs evinced keen interest to invest in such properties.

According to market sources, the overall situation is yet to improve though a majority of the techies are able to hold on to the jobs as there continues to be a demand for skilled jobs across US. However, those companies which are depending on the federal government for a chunk of its business are finding the going tough. For instance Cisco has laid off 10 per cent of its employees all over the world because 20 per cent of the revenue comes from the federal government spending which is going down.