Taylor Wimpey España takes the #10yearchallenge

  • Reservations up by 184% over past decade
  • Kiruna Residencial showcases contemporary building style and interiors
  • Number of nationalities served up from 20 in 2008 to 37 in 2018

New Delhi, April 10, 2019: The Spanish property market has changed hugely over that past 10 years and so has one of its key operators. Leading Spanish home builder Taylor Wimpey España has been building in Spain for 60 years, so has seen the market fluctuate significantly during its long and proud history. However, the changes over the past decade have been particularly pronounced. Now, the company has dipped into the archives to take part in the #10yearchallenge and show how far it – and the Spanish property market – have come in that time.

Back in 2008, the global financial crisis began to bring the Spanish property market to its knees, as it did property markets around the world. Prices tumbled and many firms ceased building, either temporarily or permanently, over the following years. The recovery was a slow process, but the market we see today is both strong and resilient.”

Marc Pritchard, Sales and Marketing Director of Taylor Wimpey España

10 years ago, Taylor Wimpey España (then Taylor Woodrow) was focused on providing high quality holiday homes in key Spanish hotspots, just as it is today. However, the modern company is considerably larger than its younger self. 2008 saw a total of 120 reservations, while 2018 saw 341 – an increase of 184%. At the same time, the company has gone from serving 20 different nationalities to serving 37 – a rise of 85%. The staff team has grown from 64 employees to 86.

The properties themselves have also changed considerably over the past 10 years. The architecture of sites such as Taylor Wimpey España’s Brisas de Alenda has given way to the more contemporary, angular exteriors seen at Kiruna Residencial. Internally, buildings have taken on a different feel too, with a more design-conscious approach resulting in stylish interiors that showcase the very best of contemporary interior design.

“It’s always a proud moment when you look back and see how far you’ve come. Over the past 10 years, we’ve adapted our style to ensure that it remains both relevant and exciting, while still delivering the spacious homes and superb amenities for which Taylor Wimpey España developments are so well known. Taking part in the #10yearchallenge has been a very worthwhile experience – it has highlighted how much the company has grown and how many more clients we are now able to serve from around the world.”

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)