Taking ‘Going Green’ to another level – Myna Batavia, Founder of Green Carpet


New Delhi, October 30, 2018: Plants and trees play vital role in enhancing the Earth Energies. Plants and Trees detoxify the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide and other gases. They emit oxygen and also stabiles the soil, thus helping in restoring Earth Energies. They help in cooling the environment and maintaining ecological balance. Plants and trees helps in making spaces look live and enhance the beauty of a property.

Everyone can create a lush indoor garden since it can change the whole atmosphere with elements of nature. Indoor plants of the future could be genetically engineered to serve as subtle alarms when the environment inside our house becomes unhealthy.

The Garden Centre is a one-stop shop for all gardening needs. It offers gardening solutions comprising pots, planters, garden artifacts, garden furniture and garden accessories to help convert one’s dream of living in a clean environment into a reality. Synonymous with the concept of offering complete gardening solutions under one roof, Green Carpet has continuously strived to cater to the needs of the community by offering garden products and services to decrease carbon footprint.

In conversation with Myna Batavia, Founder of Green Carpet on the company is constantly striving to create an environment that is cleaner, greener and environmentally, a safer world for our children to live in. Green Carpet – Garden Centre is a Bangalore based venture which deals in all gardening needs.

  1. Tell us about Green Carpet, and how it is different?

As the tagline says, Green Carpet is a one-stop solution for all the gardening requirements of commercial enterprises, residential owners and corporate office spaces. Speaking of the USP, it is the only gardening shop that has an extensive network of dealers all across India, with delivery options available in tier I and tier II cities. From planters and pots to gardening tools, we import high-quality products from countries like Germany, Italy, UK, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. I also take pride in the fact that Green Carpet was the single supplier of planters for the Delhi airport project of GMR group.

  1. How Green Carpet has grown over the years?

While I was already helping people set up and design their gardens, Green Carpet was officially founded in 2002. The immediate challenge was to create a need for the high end gardening products in the market. In order to increase visibility for Green Carpet, a concentrated effort was made to network through dealers, architects and landscapers. Besides, I had the first mover advantage which helped propel Green Carpet to grow rapidly at the rate of 25-30% every year. Now in our 17th year, the growth has stabilized to a steady 8-10% per annum.

  1. What is the current market size in the country?

Gardening industry globally is a burgeoning business with a market cap of 102 billion dollars. India is now fast catching up with a growing sophisticated client base with sizeable budgets.

  1. What are the challenges in this space?

The main challenge is to get the customer to experiment with plants and not be averse to plant growth failure. The other challenge is to change the mindset and consider gardening purchases equal to home improvement purchases. Gone are the days when tacky looking gardening products were used inside expensively decorated homes. Thankfully, customers are now becoming very discerning.

  1. Which regions are indicating favourable response?

Down South, Karnataka and Kerala are big buyers while in the West, Maharashtra is a hotbed for gardening products with Gujarat following closely. In the North, Delhi is a very big market.

The rest of the country is sporadic buyers with the market not having matured yet.

  1. Please share a few tips on how to design a garden in a small area?

As opposed to the common notion, you don’t need a large backyard to have a garden you had always wished for. Utilize the space intelligently and consider options like square foot gardening, vertical gardening, herb spirals etc. Container gardens can also be your perfect choice for growing flowers, herbs and even vegetables in the little outdoor space you have in your house. Be a little careful about picking the pots and containers, depending on the plants you will be growing.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)