Sowparnika Introduces Homes at ‘Zero Cost’ for the Buyers


This initiative will help prospective homebuyers buy their dream house without having spent from their pockets

Bangalore, October 06, 2018: Sowparnika Projects and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., a leading real estate company, has announced zero cost homes, where they would be offering home units at no cost. The homes could now be purchased absolutely free of cost with minimal or no initial investment.

The campaign, by the sensibly priced real estate company, will help encourage homebuyers, especially first timer, to take a step towards fulfilling their dream of purchasing homes at no cost.

A homebuyer pays a five percent initial down payment, after which Sowparnika will bear the remaining costs involved through PRE- EMI scheme, while also returning the down payment to the homebuyer. Once the keys are handed over to the buyer, he can pay the balance 5% (5:90:5 loan scheme) money to the company 3 months after taking possession. After possession, the customer can stay in the apartment for three months and then pay out the balance or rent out and pay the balance with the rent amount accumulated. This campaign helps the homebuyer reap out the benefits of his purchase while also encouraging him to own a house.

Raja Mukherjee, Chief Marketing Officer, Sowparnika Projects and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., launched this campaign saying, “We have completed 15 successful years in the real estate market. What better way to celebrate this by sharing our happiness with our customers. The campaign will further encourage homebuyers from across the country, who have expressed their interest in key markets such as Bangalore and Mysore among other locations. This will make Home Buying easiest.’’

While announcing the campaign, Ramji Subramaniam, Managing Director, Sowparnika Projects and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. commented, “Purchasing a home has been considered a lengthy process, wherein a first time homebuyer was always apprehensive towards taking this step. We, at Sowparnika, aim to break this myth that buying a home is a difficult process and are in fact helping them in the purchase process. This year, we have witnessed an increasing number of units sold with more than 80% of the buyers being millennials or first time homebuyers. We will continue to build and maintain this trust that our customers have on us, while delivering happiness to them.”

Sowparnika celebrates 15 years in providing homes to buyers, from across the country, in Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The campaign is set to launch on October 5th, 2018 where homebuyers can express their interest towards purchasing a home by registering at