Reza Kabul, Director, ARK – Reza Kabul Architects Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai, India)


Reza Kabul


ARK – Reza Kabul Architects Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai, India)

Architect Reza Kabul, Plot No 78-1, 2nd Floor, Turner Road, Bandra (West) Mumbai – 400050, India

One of the foremost talents in the realm of Indian architecture, Reza Kabul’s foray into the industry was a random experience of viewing books on architecture that proved catalyst enough for a switch from engineering to architecture. After a brief stint at a prominent architecture studio in Mumbai, he set up ARK – Reza Kabul Architects Pvt. Ltd., India in 1988. Reza Kabul has envisioned and successfully executed a string of path breaking projects centered on the design philosophy of ‘liberating spaces’. He has handled projects for leading names in Indian real estate industry, and continues to enjoy the trust and appreciation with projects that set pioneering benchmarks in architectural design. In 2013, Reza Kabul partnered with a team of talented American architects to establish ARK Studio West, the American counterpart of ARK. A speaker for ‘Marcus Evans Tall Buildings Conference’ in Seoul, Korea (2008) and a pioneer in tall buildings, Reza Kabul has been listed in the Limca Book of Awards (2003) for Shreepati Arcade, the tallest building in India. His signature projects are spread globally in United States, India, Mauritius, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Bhutan, Korea, and Nairobi.