Post Budget Quote on Real Estate Policies


Mr. Vineet Chellani, Founder & CEO of Asset Deals.

In the real estate industry, the 2024 budget brings forth transformative initiatives to bolster sustainability and empower communities. With the introduction of rooftop solarization, one crore households stand to benefit from up to 300 units of free electricity monthly, aligning with the vision set forth by the Hon’ble Prime Minister on the historic day of consecration of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. This scheme not only promises substantial savings of fifteen to eighteen thousand rupees annually for households but also facilitates the charging of electric vehicles, fosters entrepreneurship opportunities for vendors in supply and installation, and generates employment for youth skilled in manufacturing, installation, and maintenance. Additionally, the budget pledges to launch a scheme catering to deserving sections of the middle class residing in rented houses, slums, chawls, and unauthorized colonies, facilitating their journey toward homeownership and socioeconomic empowerment.