post-budget quote from the CEO of Rentprop4U, Mr.Nagaraju M


New Delhi, February 01, 2019:  “The Government has placed the tax exemptions at the right time for rental homeowners, who do not have to incur TDS on rental income of Rs.2,40,000, which means that this would benefit owners earning a monthly rental income of up to 20k from the previous TDS limit of 15k Per month.  This also encourages home buyers to invest in new rental homes and enhances the greater possibility for reductions in unsold inventory.

As startups expect provisions from the government that may not have been covered in this interim budget, however, the proposed income tax laws wave off for the better and support home rental startups as it paves way for the possibility of more rental home owners to step onboard.”

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)