NOTION Introducing Rooftop Deck


New Delhi, February 03, 2022: Adding a rooftop deck can expand your space for enjoying the great outdoors and for entertaining. If you live in a metropolitan city, a rooftop deck would be the best to create your outdoor space. “NOTION” –a pioneer name in exterior wood solution for home and commercial space, has introduced a Rooftop Deck that can work great in any climate and will last for years. 

According to Mr. Akash Saini –Director Sales-NOTION, “Outdoor living space is a cherished commodity, and although its value is certainly subjective for the individual, there is no question that it adds life and value to the property. This is particularly true in the case of rooftop decks, which is becoming a fast & major value-added feature in urban developments. We have introduced Rooftop Deck tiles, made with fine tropical wood and assembled on a high density engineered plastic base. It’s available in natural wood of “IPE”. These decking tiles are provided with non-toxic chemical coatings that ensure resistance against termite & moisture. The mechanism is unique, which allows rain water to flow down faster and make your space slip resistance. This is one of the most durable and stable products available to revamp your exteriors at nominal cost. All of the above its installation system is so simple and it takes no more than just several hours for setting.” 

So, with NOTION Rooftop decks make your space more and more beautiful than ever before

Price tag: On Request 

Corporate Comm India (CCI Newswire)