M-Seal Launches its variant –M Seal Sanitary Silicon Sealant


New Delhi, Aug 25, 2015 : M-Seal, a leading epoxy sealant brand from Pidilite Industries, today launched its all new M-Seal Sanitary White Silicon Sealant, a specialized DIY product for sealing gaps and filling in cracks indoors.

M-Seal Sanitary White Silicon Sealant, is a specially formulated single component, water based solution that does not require any dilution. A white, odorless, non-toxic product, ideal for dry and wet surface. it lasts long and can be painted onto any surface. It is moisture resistant and turns into a rubbery solid when exposed to moisture in the air, effectively sealing cracks.

It can be used on bathroom fittings like wash basins, showers, bathtubs and commodes as well as to seal gaps between loose tiles and fill cracks in walls, gaps between wall & door/window frame, window sill etc. It bonds with various materials such as concrete, porcelain, plaster, painted /coated surfaces, brick, stone, aluminum, wood, paper board & fiberglass.

Mr Vishal Malhan, Vice President – Sales and Marketing, CP-Maintenance Division, Pidilite Ind, said, “We are pleased to present M-Seal Sanitary White Silicon Sealant to consumers. M-Seal is a strong brand and has established a reputation as a multi-purpose sealant across households. We are confident that M-Seal Sanitary White Silicone Sealant too will prove to be the ‘Gap ka Perfect seal’ and will ensure quality sealing with a strong, long-lasting bond.”

M-Seal Sanitary White Silicone Sealant will be priced at Rs 65 per 50 gm. The product will be available across the country. CCI Newswire