KW Delhi 6 Celebrates Children’s Day with Aasara Foundation Kids at SMAAASH, Ghaziabad


New Delhi, November 18,  2023 :  KW Group, a leading real estate developer, hosted a heartwarming Children’s Day celebration at its KW Delhi 6 Mall in Raj Nagar Extension (Ghaziabad). The event was dedicated to spreading joy and happiness among the children of the Aasara Foundation, providing them with a day filled with fun activities and delightful experiences at SMAAASH, making its debut in Ghaziabad.

The event was marked by a perfect blend of food and fun activities. SMAAASH, known for its innovative and immersive gaming and entertainment experiences, opened its doors for the first time in Ghaziabad, enhancing the city’s entertainment landscape. The brand is committed to providing a larger-than-life experience through various games and entertainment offerings.

“The objective of introducing SMAAASH to the city of Ghaziabad is to bring the excitement of real sports into people’s lives. We are planning on entering the T2 cities and expanding our horizon to bring the SMAAASH experience to all,” said Pankaj Kumar Jain Director KW Group

KW Group remains dedicated to creating memorable experiences for communities, and the Children’s Day celebration at KW Delhi 6 Mall exemplifies this commitment. The event not only brought smiles to the faces of Aasara Foundation kids but also introduced SMAAASH as a thrilling entertainment destination for the people of Ghaziabad.

Corporate Comm India (CCI Newswire)