Illuminate Your Home With Contemporary Candle Holders From Picknget.Com


Bengaluru, March 30, 2016: ​Let the looming sunset set your home aglow! Wondering how?, a multi-segment online store, unveils a classy selection of Votive and T-light holders to drench your living area in the golden warmth of incandescence. Stylish in make and varied in design, these little specks of light beautify the aura of your home, creating the perfect backdrop for those intimate conversations with loved ones or contemplative evenings by yourself.

Pick ‘N’ Get exhibits a wide variety of Votive holders varying from intricate designs to vibrant colours. The range entails Leaf and Mercury Glass Votive Holders set, Table Top t-light holder, Square wax shell t-light, Leaf and Rose Candle Holder and 5 Flower T-light votive holder. Each of the products illustrates elegance creating a fascinating play of light and shadow. Bring home the dramatic flair of natural glow with fancy votive candle holders from PicknGet.

* Leaf and Mercury Glass Votive Holders- Price Rs.1800/-
* Table Top T-Light Holder – Price Rs.800/-
* Square Wax Shell T-Light – Price Rs.1200/-
* 5 Flower T-Light Votive Holder – Price Rs.1475/-
* Leaf AND Rose Candle Holder – Price Rs.1800/-

Availability: Www.Picknget.Com

Pick ‘N’ Get is a horizontal e-tailing company. The portal has a wide variety of products for men and women, which comprises apparels, electronic gadgets, footwear etc. Apart from this, it also deals in various other verticals like accessories, books & media, home & kitchen and baby & kids. The entrepreneurial spirit of the company, committed to delivering value and its market intelligence enables it to identify high net worth products in the retail industry well ahead of others. The company upholds timely delivery and competitive pricing as the core strengths of its business amidst the bustling sphere of e-commerce.

Corporate Comm India (CCI Newswire)