Huge crowd at Aashima Mall Consumer Awareness session on Real Estate Properties


Mumbai, Feb 02, 2015:  
A crowd of real estate buyers flocked to the Consumer Awareness Session organized by Asnani Group on 1st February, 2015 at the Aashima Mall, Bhopal to get advice from the experts of different fields associated with the real estate business. The attendees got the opportunity to clarify their doubts and received valuable guidance with respect to the entire process of real estate buying and selling.

Jaisooraj Nambiar, Director, Asnani Group said that “Buying a house is a dream for many people. However, people are not aware of all the aspects they should be aware of before buying a property. Through experts, we have tried to make buyers more aware about the “home buying process”. Looking at the response, we are encouraged to have such sessions in the future too.

Property buyers were glad that they could find answers to some of their long standing questions like What is the right price to buy in certain locations; What legal documents should they be aware of; how can they check their loan capabilities; and what rights does a real estate buyer have.

Featured speakers in the session included, legal consultant Satish Sharma, Consumer Forum issues consultant Vijay Saxena, Civil Consultant Rajeev Singh and Mr. Vijay Khuman of Gharonda Galleries. The experts said that the main aim, which was achieved in this event was to spread awareness of the nitty-gritties of real estate and address the queries of the buyers and sellers.

To make the session more interactive and to lighten the mood of the attendees during the brainstorming session on the complicated procedure of real estate investment, some fun activities, games, and competitions were also arranged.