The Green Habitants Of New Kolkata Hosted The Water Affair, In Serampore


On the occasion of ‘World Draught Day’, the residents of New Kolkata, the Green Habitant Club members, took the initiative toact on water conservation in association with thegreen building consultant from IGBC. 

Kolkata, June 21, 2018: The Green Habitants of New Kolkata hosted The Water Affair event in association with green building consultant from IGBC to take immediate action on water conservation. The event cognized everyone about the features at New Kolkata project that enables water conservation at every step of life. The event started with an interactive session conducted by Mr. Moloy Kumar Das, an experienced professional in Energy Management and Green Building Consultancy from IGBC. 

While talking about water conservation and a nearing water crisis that would make water inaccessible to many states of India in few years, Mr. Moloy Das, from IGBC, commented, “As residents of green building, our objective is to save 30%-50% water. The features that are available to residents of New Kolkata which will help the residents achieve their goal of water conservation are: low flow water fixtures at home to conserve water, rainwater harvesting mechanism, wastewater treatment plant for utilising wastewater for landscaping and washing roads”. Demonstrations of Rain water harvesting, Waste water treatment, Waste Segregation and Low flow water fixtures were explained by means of simple experiments to help everyone understand and generate awareness about water conservation. 

Rainwater Harvesting was demonstrated by an experiment on how rainwater harvesting is performed. Wastewater treatment was explained showcasing the process of how wastewater from flush tank and sewage would be treated and later be used for landscaping or cleaning the roads.Waste segregation was addressed by demonstrating to residents what are the wet waste, what is a dry waste, what is hazardous waste and how each can be segregated using different colour bins at home. The experiment for Low flow water fixtures showed how low flow water fixtures like shower heads and faucet aerators would help conserve precious water in a household. All the demonstrations emphasised ways to preserve water and how one can procreate initiatives towards keeping the environment clean and pollution-free. 

This was an endeavour to create awareness about a pollution-free and a greener environment, and in restoring the much – needed parity in nature. An initiative to encourage an eco-friendly lifestyle, the session was followed by the distribution of Green Habitant Club Card to the members, to further drive home the point about green living and an immediate call to action initiative in conserving water.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)