DFI has Emerged as an Institution which attracts Great Design Minds


New Delhi, July 08, 2017: Introduction

In the year 1995, 3 young architecture graduates from IIT Kharagpur started an architectural practice called Tevatia Chauhan & Sharma Architects. The practice specialized and excelled in developing individual family homes. In 2003, the practice was rechristened as Design Forum International (DFI), with a clear intent to foster an egalitarian organizational ethos where distinctive architectural talent finds self-expression and can contribute in a democratic and collaborative work environment. The practice has since grown from strength to strength and is currently marching ahead with a vibrant team of over 100 professionals; each pursuing a distinctive value based architectural spirit that DFI imbues. DFI executes each piece of work undertaken with a deep sense of optimism, excellence and integrity, keeping in mind that each project is a legacy for our future generations. While DFI plays its role as an agent of change, its efforts are rooted in the principles of responsiveness to local context and sustainable architecture. DFI’s prime objective is to achieve excellence in design, perfectly in balance to both time and cost. Our team is committed to emphasize communication and design for the people and environment. Having won many accolades for our works, DFI has emerged as an institution which attracts great design minds; who love to thrive in a professionally charged environment focusing on every detail and exploring new design methodology for every project.

DFI Portfolio

· Mixed-use and Retail : 8 Million sqft

· Group Housing : 51 8 Million sqft

· Townships : 2100 Acres

· Offices and IT Parks : 6 8 Million sqft

· Institutional Buildings

· Luxury Residences

· Hospitality

· Urban Design

· Industrial Projects

Design Philosophy

Our Habitats shape and influence our lives profoundly and, therefore, as custodians of the Built Environment where much intervention is necessitated in the name of Capacity upgradation, we feel the need to emphasize inclusion of contextuality and conservation in our thoughts and designs.

If words were a repository of thoughts and ideas then DFI’s current thought process is captured thus:

· To play-IN into the continuum as opposed to playing OUT an egoistic expression of disruptivism.

· To embellish with thoughtful contemporary interventions echoing the aspirations of our times while discarding architectural vestiges.

· To animate with meaningful newness; combining the use of a problem-solving approach with sensitive and delightful Urban Artistry.

· To be reverend to the substantive context; both Immediate and Cosmic.

· To pursue a practice of Architecture with a Conscience; A Karmic Architecture. That belongs to its PEOPLE and its PLACE.


Design Forum International has been a young – old organization with 20 plus years in an architectural practice. The firm is a vibrant mix of youth and experienced professionals, bounded by common thread which is a passion to design. The approach of DFI centersaround design and novelty in design, not bounded by any school of design. DFI is versatile in their designs and consciously stayed clear of restricting themselves from project type specializing. In a country where variety and cultural diversity is mind-boggling, they find the idea of associating with a certain type of building type stifling, therefore doing a lot of residential, work place, recreational, retail, master plans, hospitality, institutional, campuses, civic centers. DFI is experienced having delivered and being involved in over Fifty million Sq. Ft of residential, Ten million Sq.ft. of retail cum mixed use, Ten million Sq.ft. of work places, over Five Thousand acres of campuses, Institutions ranging from a 5 acre school to 500 acres of professional training colleges. At DFI, processes rule. Work flow is pre-determined, pre- programmed and conveyed and stuck to with missionary zeal. They believe that people may falter, processes never do. With thread bare analysis of work sequencing and putting together of work books based on project types and have made the journey through the project as seamless as it gets. DFI is a people first organization who spot talent and capability early and groom well. Almost all of the people heading the technical teams have joined DFI early in their careers, learned and earned their way up and have stayed for long. DFI truly value their people and they value the association equally.

DFI believe that communication is the lifeline of every relationship, whether in business or life. While the entire team assigned to a Client is available for discussion and direction on a project, from the architect assigned to the Partner concerned, there is one point of contact for the client for all his requirements from us. The Head of the concerned team, a Director or an Assistant Director level professional remains a one-stop contact for all the communication with DFI. It is a matter of pride that 65 % of our order book is repeat assignments with satisfied clients.

With works in 17 states out of 29 of the Union of India, DFI is truly abreast of the regulations, bye-laws, implications of bye-laws, trends, market scenario pertinent to those individual markets. Experiences drawn from one territory very frequently find parallels in another and enrich both our knowledge base and bring substantial valuation enhancement to the project.

DFI gets really excited with the prospect of a competition and have fought many and won bulk of them. Be it the High Court at Uttarakhand, Directorate Complex Of Assam, most successful retain destination of the country, Select Citywalk, Civic Centre of the millennium city of Gurgaon, we relish a fight and give it whatever we have got.

Website: http://www.designforuminternational.com/

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