Coram’s new range of wellness showers score high on water conservation and consumer experience


New Delhi, 30 July, 2013: Coram India today announced the launch of a new range of Extreme wellness showers. The new generation range of wellness shower come in a closed circuit system that ensures no wastage of water. A powerful pump takes in water from a built-in reservoir; pumps it around the system thus eliminating the need to supply any fresh water at all. This innovative technology provides 5000 litres of shower in 15 minutes by using just 55 litres. Available in 3 different variants and multiple shape options, the shower can be used both as standalone or wall flushed .The powerful water pressure technology eliminates your worries on low water pressure supply from the main source, thus giving you a total Spa experience in the luxury of your personal settings. 

 Mr. Rajnish Ohri, Managing Director, Coram India said, “Wellness is seen as a perfect symmetry of the physical, mental and spiritual being that bestows one with a sense of peace and welfare. Our products have been successful in helping our customers unwind after a hard day’s work”. Speaking about the Guilt associated by taking long showers, he further added, “We at Coram are well aware of the fact that fresh water is becoming increasingly scarce in many parts of the world and India in particular faces an acute water shortage. Our wellness showers are designed in a way to give you a water fall experience with limited use of water thus making total savings on water greater than probably any other existing product in the market.  This is what we call ‘GUILT FREE’ experience”.

Amongst many other features, these showers also come with disinfection processes where once you have taken a shower, the bath is ready for the next person without you having to go through cleaning the system.

The entry level showers come at a price tag of Rs 5.5 lakh and the top end is Rs 13 lakh.

The introduction of these showers will revolutionize our bathing experience with the fundamental principle of conserving precious water. A single bathing experience under a coram wellness shower is equivalent to 60% of water saving/conservation.