Car sanitization station opens at Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden

New Delhi, July 28, 2020: Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden, added one more feature to its repertoire as Sanitizo, Car Sanitization Station, was opened exclusively here. Sanitizo offers Car Sanitization including Interior and Exterior Cleaning of Cars.
Established in June 2020, Sanitizo was co-founded by Ketan Punia and Priyanka Kaushal as during current global pandemic they realized that “sanitization is not merely a luxury but have become a necessity and it is the need of the hour to spread across the requirement among people as much possible at affordable prices” said Priyanka, Co-Founder.
Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden, which is spread over an area of 6 lakh sq ft has more 300 brands including more than 25 Food & Beverage brands. “We are continuously working towards giving the best facilities and services to our customers. It is for nothing that we call it ‘Mall for everyone and everything’. When we say safety & hygiene of our customers, we mean it and that is why we are trying to bring in facilities that can ensure that the customers are safe even outside the four walls of the mall,” says Abhishek Bansal, executive director, Pacific Mall.
In the current scenario, where access to public transportation is limited, people generally prefer to travel via private cars or taxis. “Our car being the most underestimated & highly neglected space we accommodate can be the bearing ground for significant amount of germs, bacteria, viruses & other pathogens, which not only have contaminated environment but can also transfer the pathogens to other humans & spaces. To promote healthy & hygienic Car environment, Sanitizo has introduced exclusive Car Sanitization Station only at Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden,” says Ketan Punia, Co-Founder, Sanitizo.
The service includes cleaning of car and sanitization of car interiors and exteriors. For Car Sanitization, Sanitizo uses latest misting technology that disperses the disinfectant as micro droplets in your vehicle, which caters the area that are hard to reach by human hands. It uses disinfectant that are globally approved by WHO, biodegradable, Non-Hazardous, Non-Corrosive, EPA (US) registered, Non-Irritating to skin, eyes & lungs, Safe for all electronic items, Odorless, Leaves no residue, Child Safe, Pet Safe, Non-Alcoholic, and Bleach-Free.
Last week, Innisfree — the Korean naturalism brand from the pristine Jeju Island, South Korea — launched its new store which will be inaugurated on 1st August at Pacific Mall, GF – 01, Spread over carpet area 494 sq.ft, the store is designed to bring the beauty brand to life and connect with its large network of beauty enthusiasts with their own wider range of Korean skincare needs in Delhi focused on the ability to play, experiment and engage with its high-quality and innovative products.
Corporate Comm India (CCI Newswire)