Brookfield India Real Estate Trust Ranked #1 for Management Score in Asia


New Delhi, October 26, 2023 :  Brookfield India Real Estate Trust (BIRET), India’s first 100% institutionally managed real estate investment trust, has received the number one ranking for Management Score in Asia by GRESB, an investor driven global ESG benchmark. By retaining its five-star rating from GRESB for a second consecutive year, BIRET has set a benchmark for excellence as a leading sustainable office developer and operator in Asia.

Brookfield India Real Estate Trust’s holistic ESG program drives value across both its environmental and social initiatives, reflecting a pledge to positively impact its surrounding environments by creating safe, sustainable, and vibrant communities across the lifecycle of real estate from design to operations. To operationalize the net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 or sooner, BIRET has rolled out a comprehensive ESG strategy across 13 significant initiatives.

The REIT scored 98 out of 100 with the benchmark average being 83 and a peer average of 86 for its developments and 90 out of 100 for its standing assets as compared to a benchmark score of 75 and a peer average of 86.

Standing Investments


Environmental – 53/62

GRESB Average 41    Benchmark Average 50

Environmental – 49/51


GRESB Average 40    Benchmark Average 43

Social – 18/18


GRESB Average 16    Benchmark Average 18

Social – 25/25


GRESB Average 22    Benchmark Average 23

Governance – 20/20


GRESB Average 18    Benchmark Average 19

Governance – 24/24


GRESB Average 21    Benchmark Average 20

Mr. Alok Aggarwal, Chief Executive Officer of Brookprop Management Services Pvt. Ltd., Manager of Brookfield India Real Estate Trust, said, “Achieving and maintaining the prestigious 5-star GRESB rating for two years in a row underscores our commitment to pioneering sustainable and inclusive environments. These ratings not only affirm our leadership but encourage our teams to elevate our sustainability performance continuously. As we strive for excellence, we are resolute in our mission to achieve Net Zero by 2040 or even sooner, driving sustainable initiatives and shaping a more sustainable future for all stakeholders.”

*GRESB (Formerly known as Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) is an organisation that provides assessments and benchmarks that can be used by businesses to compare their performance against their peers and find actionable advice on how they can improve their ESG performance).

Corporate Comm India (CCI Newswire)