Bentley’s Permitting and Routing Solution Hits New Milestones – USD 1 Billion in Permit Fees and 22 Million Permits


Bengaluru, April 27, 2016: Bentley SUPERLOAD is a comprehensive solution for intelligent permitting and routing of oversize/overweight (OS/OW) vehicles. It automates the permitting process, providing transportation agencies with a solution for permit issuance and OS/OW carriers with an easy means of acquiring oversize/overweight permits online.

Bentley’s permitting and routing solution will issue its 22nd million permit this year (with annual permit volume up 23 percent since 2010), and achieve a milestone of handling over USD 1 billion in permit fees. The solution is in use or being deployed by 20 U.S., Canadian, and Australian transportation departments.

Users, including West Virginia DOT, have seen improvements in efficiency, safety, and productivity using Bentley’s permitting and routing solution. “In any given day our Bentley permitting and routing system will analyze more bridges than a staff engineer will do in his or her entire career. That’s incredible automation,” said Todd Gibson, West Virginia DOT.

Corporate Comm India (CCI Newswire)