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Arjun Malik


Malik Architecture

2nd Floor, Kaiser-I-Hind, 1/6 Currimbhoy Road, Ballard Estate, Mumbai – 400001

There was always a certain inevitability about my decision to be an architect. It was ultimately the paradoxical nature of the profession, and the belief, through constant exposure to my father’s practice, that architecture, like cinema or literature, was a medium for commentary and personal expression, that led me down this path.

I completed my bachelors in architecture at the Rachana Sansad Academy of Architecture and went on to receive a Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design from the Columbia University in New York.

I returned to join my father’s 30 year old firm in 2005.

Through our work, we have tried to develop an idiom that would reconcile the intellectual and intuitive aspects of architecture, that would provide a tangible link to the past without getting nostalgic, that would be technologically progressive without being experientially stunted, and that would, ultimately, speak through the intangible science of perceptual phenomena.

The current over-emphasis on the intellectual and conceptual dimensions of architecture has contributed to the disappearance of the physical, sensual and embodied essence of architecture. In our practice, we focus more on generic metaphors rather than specific analogs, relying on the intuitive reading of context, allegory and functional parameters to generate typological shifts. Empirical mathematical processes are tempered with the exploration of phenomenological precepts to generate architecture that transcends the merely intellectual and visual and addresses the often ignored experiential aspects of architecture.