Arab Housing & Community Development Forum 2023 to address Sustainable Housing Solutions for the Arab World’s Future


Speakers to share their expertise, shed light on industry trends, and explore innovative approaches to address current challenges in the Arab World’s housing sector.

Abu Dhabi, September 09, 2023: Amidst the ever-evolving global economic landscape and the dynamic growth of the Arab world’s population, the housing market in the region has reached unprecedented levels of demand and innovation. In response to this imperative, the Arab Housing & Community Development Forum will be heldat the prestigious Conrad Abu Dhabi Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

UAE Minister of Energy, H. E.Eng. Suhail Mohamed Faraj Al Mazrouei said, “We are looking forward to share knowledge with experts as there is a great need to chart a path towards a thriving housing market that meets the needs and aspirations of the people in the Arab world. I believe the Arab Housing & Community Development Forum will be the ideal platform to discuss the sustainable growth and development of the housing sector in the region.

The two-day event is from September 11th to the 12th, congregating industry experts, government representatives, developers, investors, and other key stakeholders looking into pressing matters surrounding the housing market in the Arab world.

H.E. Engineer Mohammed Al Mansoori, Director of the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program, said, “The Arab Housing and Community Development Forum aligns with our strategic vision to support citizen well-being and our efforts to provide sustainable government housing, foster citizen happiness, and enhance the competitiveness of the United Arab Emirates in the sector. We are fully prepared to collaborate with industry leaders, thought leaders, and experts to shape the future of housing.”

He added, “The forum will serve as a leading platform for collaboration to support the housing and urban development sectors, and to strengthen efforts to address their challenges, as they are of vital importance for sustainable development. Its significance lies in our understanding that cooperation, solidarity, and effective management of the government housing sector are extremely important, especially in light of population growth and current challenges. In the UAE, we are committed to working hand in hand with everyone to move into a new phase of cooperation in various housing and urban areas.”

He continued, “The collaboration aimed for by the forum reflects the commitment of all parties to innovative growth and mirrors their efforts to enhance sustainable housing solutions. In the United Arab Emirates, we look forward to contributing to this pivotal event and building a prosperous tomorrow for our nation.”

As the Arab world constitutes approximately 6% of the global population, ensuring adequate and sustainable housing has become a pivotal necessity for the region’s stability and progress.The housing industry in the Arab world is poised for transformative growth, with projections indicating substantial expansion.

Earlier this year, UAE set aside funds to build up to 76,000 new homes in the next five years valued at over AED 85bn for its citizens. Regionally, the Saudi Arabian real estate industry is anticipated to reach a value of USD 161.3 billion within the same year.

Against the backdrop of these remarkable statistics, the demand for housing in the region has surged to record levels, with Saudi Arabia requiring an estimated 3.9 million housing units and the United Arab Emirates demanding 980 thousand units in 2022 alone.

The Arab Housing & Community Development Forum is ideal for examining the rapid advancements and challenges within the housing sector, aligning them with global sustainability initiatives.

With a focus on promoting green housing solutions and fostering a collaborative approach, the forum will bring together key stakeholders including government authorities, private developers, contractors, builders, and technology providers drawing over 300 attendees, more than 40 speakers, 25+ exhibitors, and is supported by 10 media partners.

The Arab Housing & Community Development Forum is a pivotal gathering for all those invested in the region’s housing industry and dedicated to evolving housing solutions that align with the broader goals of the Arab world.It will offer a unique opportunity to foster meaningful connections, discover groundbreaking ideas, and forge partnerships that will shape the future of housing in the Arab world.

Corporate Comm India (CCI Newswire)