Antriksh Group entered into re-commerce business and launched online inventory blocking for Delhi’s first smart city project at Rs. 10,000

  • The group also rolls out “No Loan Day “campaign, customer can pay only 0.9% of the unit cost as monthly EMI and own the property in Urban Greek.
  • Pay only INR 10,000 as special offer on 5th July, and block the unit and if not satisfied then Antriksh will refund the money without deducting a single rupee.
  • First time in real estate industry any independent developer created its own re-commerce portal and blending the technology to the property business.
  • The flash sales of project to take place on 5th July through

New Delhi, July 04, 2015 With an aim to facilitate consumers and tap into the national and international market, North India’s leading developer Antriksh Group has set up a re-commerce platform (online inventory blocking service) for NCR’s first smart city project “Urban Greek”. Customer can only pay Rs.10, 000 and block the unit which is a refundable amount. The remaining amount can be paid in easy equated monthly installments (EMIs) of 0.9% under the NO LOAN DAY Scheme on 5th July 2015.

The technology platform along with a pinch of marketing and an active real estate sales pitch through the use of virtual walkthroughs can do wonders for the otherwise troubled real estate sector that is witnessing drifting of property buyers from new project launches on account of lack of information, uncertainty over project completion, tough economic conditions and lack of transparency.

With an aim to address all these concerns of homebuyers, the group has introduced the concept of real estate e-commerce by putting its smart township project in the heart of Delhi, L Zone, Dwarka Expressway on the radar of millions of prospective homebuyers looking to buy apartments with ease at affordable rates.

Commenting on the whole exercise, Antriksh Group Managing Director, Abhishek Goyat said, “ We realized that there are a significant number of buyers who would want to buy a unique property through a simpler process and in lesser time with a hassle-free and transparent commitment. To meet those buyers expectation and providing them an easy solution to own their home, we entered into re-commerce business and first time in the history of real estate we created our own platform and, also launched easy buying option “NO LOAN DAY” for the customers. With this scheme they have to pay only 10,000 to block their favorite property which is a refundable amount. As it’s an online platform so everything would be crystal clear, customer can easily track all the transaction, location of the unit and the overall development. It will also help the end buyers to directly interact with the developer and developer would be directly responsible for everything. It will definitely bridge the gap between both the communities and industry will gain the trust back.”

“With this concept we can also approach to international customers who want to invest in the country as the Modi Government Make In India initiatives bringing the world’s top community to India and obviously they would require world class facilities. We are sure that our first smart city project “Urban Greek” fulfills this requirement,” he further added.

India’s real estate e-commerce is already a big business and is eyeing a big share of the overall transactions by the end of the decade. While Indian homebuyers by tradition work mostly with local brokers, the opportunity on the Internet is immense and offers a plethora of options from the pool of properties at the national level. The unique feature of the online buying and selling is that it provides the ease of transaction and makes the entire process hassle free and transparent. And development firms are waking up to the idea of launching their own services portal.

There are some unique features to this window: while there are direct discounts, buyers can access live information of the property and the project. The Group amidst the changing dynamics of property buying and selling in the online space is introducing the concept of virtual walkthroughs where prospective buyers can access not just information about the project but can also take a tour of the entire project and the apartments. The portal will be backed by an offline presence in the regular fashion.

The Group expects to register healthy sales enquiry through this new medium. While the government has announced to launch its nationwide smart cities project, the project is National Capital Region’s first smart township project. CCI Newswire