Alfardan Properties underscoresrole of modern ‘smart living’ solutions at 4th Arab Future Cities Summit Qatar


Qatar, April 15, 2015 – Alfardan Properties, Qatar’s leading luxury lifestyle solution developer, emphasized the crucialrole of ‘smart living’ solutions in the country’s bid toattain sustainable economic growth during its participation at the high-profile 4thArab Future Cities SummitQatar, at the Ritz-Carlton in Doha. Mohamed Sleiman, General Manager of Alfardan Properties, presented the future plans on how the company will be harnessing the power of advanced technologies to providean enhanced and contemporaryliving experience totenants across its properties.

During his presentation, Sleiman cited the modern and upcoming plans of sophisticated technologies incorporated by Alfardan Properties into its residential and commercial developments to bring itstenants’ experience to the next level. He also pointed out that going ‘smart’ complements the country’s economic sustainabilityefforts by promoting energy conservation measures through the use of advanced technological tools.

Alfardan Properties has emerged as an exclusive property developer this year due to key initiatives it has made in its practices and strategies. These are based on extensive research conducted by the company on how to make the lives of its tenants easier and more convenient.

Sleiman said: “Looking at the bigger picture, infrastructure and smart building solutions are fundamental to building smart cities. They are important elements that are crucial in today’s modern residential and commercial properties. Qatar has already been exploring the different aspects of smart cities to provide its citizens and residents an enhanced living experience. At Alfardan Properties, we support the Qatar National Vision 2030 that aims at transforming the state of Qatar into an advanced country through sustainable economic development, by offering smart solutions in our very own properties and provide the latest trends for the local and regional industries.” CCI Newswire