Abode of luxe & healthy living – Mr.Atithi Patel, Executive Director, Ariisto Realtors


Authored by Mr.Atithi Patel, Executive Director, Ariisto Realtors

Bengaluru, February 25, 2016: Across India, astonishing real estate properties and ultra-luxurious amenities are contributing to a remarkable standard of living at an alarming rate. With an array of options to choose from, the real estate industry seems to be on a high rise. This elevation in lifestyle aspirations and expectations is the result of most real estate developers intrigued in the luxury quotient of the housing segment. Since a few decades, emerging high-end and high-income working professionals have shown the desire to live in homes that match their high-flying lifestyle and cater to their needs on a continuous basis.

With the new inventory coming up in the year 2016, realtors are highly focusing on the aspect of keeping their residents satisfied with all the best they can provide via amalgamation of luxury , health and comfort. Matching up with the needs and desires of tenants is one of the driving force. The developers and experts are ushering with some colossal ideation and concepts to which the focal point is ‘residence engulfing soothing and placid functionality’. It aims at idyllic and picturesque form of living with amenities galore.

No matter if one wants a residential property at the costliest of all locations or at a place which is affordable by a middle class person, realtors are going to lengths and breadth to cater to all the options at the most distinguished set of locations. Properties are available for sale in the category of price brackets that are affordable and much more in terms of worth for the money that one would pay for residential properties. The tranquiling aura of realty projects will always make one proud of the decision that have taken for making an investment and allows to experience a class of living that one could never fathom.

Being a strong considerate of the ever increasing depletion of ecology, which in turn is affecting the health of the population ,developers are highly focusing on the fitness component. They are not only providing contemporary and modern quipped gyms but are also developing remedial and restorative centers ingraining oxygen therapy, hydro therapy, Power yoga, Reiki which succor to a soothing and sumptuous living.

Organic Gardens are in vogue not only for the increasing dependency on agriculture but also the quest to grow fresh crops and vegetables for maintaining one’s diet. Keeping this in mind, developers are coming up with exclusive ideas to promote organic gardens within the premises, so that the residents could have accessible to fresh veggies and could curb adulteration to some extent.

Advent of tea gardens in realty is another spectacular idea, developers are scooting towards. The conceptualization and implementation of this concept would probably be enroute to the windfall for the existing and the potential tea lovers.

In this contemporary era, where one could hardly spend a minute fraction of time to purifying and detoxifying one’s body, developers are evolving as saviors by inculcating amenities like oxygen therapies which would contribute as an elixir to one’s life.

Chess Garden is the perfect adventure just like those holidays that give you the perfect blend of entertainment and relaxation to unwind and enjoy life.

An Outdoor Barbeque helps you get away from the mundane by enjoying a scrumptious and deliciousmeal that makes holidaying more enjoyable. Now you can bask in the inescapable aromas of smoky exotic food and laughter surrounded by the people you love.

Classy Spa and Salon seems like the perfect escape from the maddening demands of daily life into a state of blissful relaxation and dreamy naps in order to add a touch of healing and rejuvenation that is downright amazing.

Riverbeds are another bonanza that is contributing to the rapture and gratification in one’s living. Developers are undertaking projects where tranquility and serenity are conglomerating. Scenic beauty and aesthetic pleasure are adding on to realty projects in leaps and bounds, in order to make it more amiable for the residents to enjoy sweet pleasures while they saunter within the premises.

Hydrotherapy pools play a significant role in promoting physical well-being. Developers are taking a step further and going beyond luxury and incorporating healthy luxe living that promotes relaxation, soothes discomfort of mundane life and enhance healthy living within the project.

This living which creates an equilibrium between physical and mental peace and impeccable balance of luxury and health is attracting various buyers to real estate developers towards the city and making them design these state of art residences, that satiates an increased demand of perfect exude of style and elegance. With the amazing features and state of the art facilities, developers are striving to ensure that they endow a perfect lifestyle along with all the features that you need to have in your perfect home and are ensuring that the habitat becomes a perfect residential bliss where elegance meets grandeur. The whole thought is designed to meet the comfort and rejuvenating needs, while maintaining the formal attitude of the project. The perfect blend of artistic beauty and contemporary features. The extensive features will amaze you and ensure the true value of your money.

As quoted from Dalai Lama’s sayings ’’Peace starts within each one of us. When we have inner peace, we can be at peace with those around us. When our community is in a state of peace, it can share peace with neighboring communities, and so on.’’ Thus the accomplishment of inner peace could be attained by inhabiting oneself in an idyllic and blissful abode.

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