GROHE offers complete range of cubic fittings and accessories


100% Cubic Bathroom Design   
Gurgaon February 5, 2014: –It is a rare treat if the harmony of corners and edges is celebrated as aesthetically as in a bathroom designed entirely along cubic lines. Taking the concept of minimalism to the next level, GROHE now offers a complete range of cubic shaped faucets, showers and shower systems, accessories, flush plates and thermostats. Geometric bathroom design has long established itself as a sustained trend and continues to inspire architects and planners to design modern bathrooms, which delight their users on a daily basis.


Geometry reinterpreted


Completely devoid of curves and cylindrical elements, the Eurocube line of fittings sets a new standard for cubic bath design. Its pronounced edges, plane surfaces and consistently parallel lines exude a strong sense of precision craftsmanship. Be it the basin, the bidet, the shower or the tub, the extensive Eurocube range offers just the right faucet or fitting for each application in the bathroom, all with their own distinctive design elements.


A unique feature, which immediately commands attention, is the cut-out in the operating lever. This little window loosens up the geometric appearance of the faucet, giving it a lighter feel and an ergonomic touch. Eurocube has taken the concept of cubic and cuboid bath design to its logical completion. And for all those who simply cannot get enough of it, GROHE also offers Eurocube as a functional kitchen faucet, which allows to coordinate this modern look across the home.


Euphoria-inducing shower experience


Anyone dreaming of a truly exceptional shower experience every day, should give the Euphoria Cube shower system a long, hard look. Bundling the square-shaped Rainshower® 230 Allure head shower and the purist Euphoria Cube stick hand shower with the new Grohtherm Cube thermostat, it combines all the benefits of a head shower and hand shower in a single product engineered for maximum comfort and dependable safety. An alternative set packages the Euphoria Cube hand shower with the Grohtherm Cube thermostat.


Aesthetic perfection, added convenience


Square handles and matching rosettes complement the slim body of the Grohtherm Cube thermostat. The distinguishing feature of the tub filler is an extra-wide spout shaped as a seamless extension of the body. It releases a spectacular waterfall cascading down into the tub. For even greater convenience, both the bathtub faucet and the shower fitting can support the GROHE EasyReach™ tray to create extra space for shampoos, shower gels and soap.


Apart from the exposed thermostats for showers and tubs, the range also includes concealed thermostats sporting ergonomic square levers on square frames.


Cubic bath design by GROHE – a square deal in any respect.