Wonder Women Who Work Are The Secret Of Real Elegance


New Delhi, March 10, 2019: There has always been debate about gender equality. So many People and Organization have always advocated about the same, In today’s corporate era we have many examples of women who have taken the world by storm with their fiercely decisions. They have set a new standards for the upcoming female generations to breach the bar. But at the same time, conversation surrounding workplace harassment has taken the centre stage. In such scenario, it’s imperative for the corporate culture to adopt female serviced office space. Till now we have talked about co-working space, but we have failed to recognize that that there are women at various different points in their life who would want to work. A lot of women are getting into work mode while expecting children, juggling motherhood with their home and work life balance.

It’s too easy and safe for us to say that only a matter of time with respect to getting female-focused co working spaces. As long as they are clear in their intention, there’s no reason why should take anything away from the co working space and its user base. If anything, we’d suggest you sit a bit and fasten your seatbelt. With the advent of women-centric co working spaces, it can only mean one thing – innovation and equality happening at the speed of light!

Keeping the same in mind our Director Of Apeejay Surrendra Group— Ms. Priti Paul announced The ABC for Women At Work known as WWWW ( Wonder Women Who Work) scheme will tailor make each ABC to becoming a women and family friendly collaborative co-working and serviced office space. Significant privileges offered to women entrepreneurs and those that women led and women owned start-ups need under this scheme will empower them. We also look forward to the day when women professionals will take up half of all the workspaces ABCs offer across the country.” The ‘Wonder Women Who Work’ programs creates the conditions that enable life-work balance so that women advance with full support. To start with all Apeejay Business Centres will offer a 15 Days rent free private space for all women entrepreneurs. Women Professionals will have free access to ABC Lounges anywhere in the country to meet & network and the company announced an additional 20% Discount on Meeting/Conference Room bookings and all allied services for women. Likeminded organizations have come on board for ABC for Women At Work Scheme that will result in an extensive programs of networking, mentoring sessions, Yoga, wellness, self-defence workshops, besides getting books, grocery and healthy food delivered to their ABC workspace at discounted rates. Etc.

Working from home certainly has its perks; but in the past few years, coworking spaces have become a seriously desirable alternative. Beyond location independence, shared offices deliver valuable business resources and networking opportunities. This trend-within-a-trend has been picking up serious steam, with new offices popping up all over the countries. In the #MeToo era, these hubs aim to offer a more safe and supportive work environment for women and people who identify as non-binary. Of course, the women-only model isn’t just about creating a safe space — it’s also about “good business sense,”

The many female co working spaces around the country help foster that prosperity with a healthy dose of perks, amenities, and expertly designed spaces that you’ll actually want to spend time in. On the occasion of “International Women’s Day” Apeejay Business Centre Team took the initiative of arranging programmes for few female entrepreneurs by arranging grooming sessions and image consultations. Whether you’re a woman building your business as a solopreneur or working with a small team of strong women, these serviced office spaces could be just the environment for your success.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)