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Aug 14, 2015
Always been mesmerised with Orlando, Florida and that trip to Walt Disney World, haven’t you? A few short years ago, Disney World was probably the most exciting vacation for a family with its exhilarating rides and the chance to meet your childhood favourites like Daffy Duck, Mickey Mouse and many others. However, the UAE cannot be left behind for long, as it has recently become the theme park hub and is aiming for an even more robust position as the prime theme park destination in the future. While Disney World may not have lost its charm, Bayut.com is here to tell you that the theme parks that the UAE are creating in the next few years are anything but ordinary.

MotionGates Dubai

You want to experience the thrill of the movies? Only Motion Gates Dubai is all set to offer thrilling rides which replicate the experience of motion pictures and offer you a chance to jump into the fantasy world of the movies. Meet your favourite characters, experience the latest technology, and ride the most innovatively designed roller coasters. Motions Gate Dubai is inspired by and works in collaboration with Hollywood Studios, Dreamworks Animation, and Sony Pictures in order to create an unparalleled experience, coming your way in October 2016.

Bollywood Parks Dubai

Part of the three theme park project of Dubai Parks and Resorts and in close proximity to Motion Gates Dubai, Bollywood Parks Dubai offers that eccentric Bollywood feeling and a theme park letting you experience the fervor and coloursof Bollywood. The park is set to contain 16 rides and a Raj Mahal Theatre which can cater to 800 people. You never know, you may get to see Shahrukh Khan’s dimples, up close and personal.

Legoland Dubai

Legoland Dubai is also a part of Dubai Parks and Resorts and will feature lifesizelego models fit to make any child squeal with delight. Legolandwil specifically cater to kids age two to twelve and is the perfect place to allow your child’s favourite childhood pastime come to life.

Warner Bros Theme Park, Abu Dhabi

The Warner Bros Theme Park is one of the first of its kind and will be located in the capital city of the UAE. Halted for a short period of time, the theme park is all set to amaze in 2018. The theme park will contain 19 rides, two jointly-owned multiplex cinemas, and may also use joint venture funds to make video games and finance films. Sounds exciting, eh?

IMG Worlds of Adventure, Dubai

If you thought Dubai would leave it at outdoor theme parks and not find a solution to save yourself from the heat, you were wrong. Ilyas and Mustafa Galdari Group is all set to create the biggest indoor amusement park in the world. The park will be fit with the most magnificent rides, a 5D cinema, and retail areas. Perfect for a summer vacation!

Pearl of Dubai, Dubai

The Pearl of Dubai is a five-acre theme park and the world’s largest sustainable underwater tourist site. Based upon artificial reef development and Babylonian themed ruins, the park offers divers an exquisite experience when they dive to explore underwater. The theme park revolves around the activities of scuba diving and snorkeling.

Seems like a dream come true for tourists and residents do not have to go elsewhere for the summer! Take your pick as some of the fun begins as early as October 2016!