Super Tech


Supertech signs B.E Billimoria & Co. Ltd, as the Civil Engineers & Contractors for North Eye

BE Billimoria & Co Ltd are committed to building empowering and value-oriented building solutions on time.

They are best known for making high rise buildings, few to name are:

  • Lodha’s Bellismo, Mumbai – 50 storey residential skyscraper
  • Ashok Towers, Mumbai – 52 storeys residential skyscraper
  • Namaste Tower – 62 floors, comprises Hotel  Office  Retail space
  • Planet Godrej, Mumbai – 51 storeys Residential Skyscraper
  • Antilla, Mumbai – 27 storeys Mukesh Ambani’s Residence
  • Petit Tower, Mumbai – 28 storeys residential skyscraper

Now Supertech’s NORTH EYE would be further added to their work. They promise to deliver more than expectations.