Summer Home Décor – Make Your Home Summer Cool


by Mr. Mithun Seth, CEO, AMA Design Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Summers are back and it may be time to embrace the sticky and sweaty weather again. Wondering how to make your experience a pleasant one this year around? Well, tweaking your furniture and décor can not only give your home a makeover but also create additional space for light and ventilation. A well thought about change, no matter how small, can go a long way to give a complete different and decluttered look to a designed space.So, here are some hacks to help you make your house summer cool.

  1. Opt for minimalism in furniture

Articulate your space with multifunctional furniture. Besides being benefitted from the same, it also makes room for some ventilation, no matter how condensed your space is.No textures epitomize summer more than rattan and straw.So you don’t need to have a large porch to make it stand out. Choose a small round bistro table with rustic stools for a small eating nook to make a statement without being overtly loud.

  1. Be mindful of materials

To bring quick seasonal makeover, turn your attention to fabrics. Keep away Rexene, leather and velvet satin silk. Opt for natural breathable fabric like cotton and linen to keep the look light and airy. Endow alluring hand woven rugs or get area rugs made of chenille, cotton, bamboo and other light fabric. Get rid of heavy drapes and use sheer curtains instead. Subsume removable slipcovers and play with offset pattern prints for your sofas, beds and other decorative throws.

  1. Incorporate Greenery

Greenery can instantly change the way you feel about a space. The more plants you have, the better air quality one could achieve. Plants like palms, peace lilies, ferns, orchids etc. also help to purify the air around you. Deck up plants on window sills to lower down the overall temperature. Arrange small hanging pots with succulents to stylize your corners.

Play with colours

Take advantage of architectural features and paint them with a fun colour. Swap out any dark colours for whites and neutrals. Keep it rustic. Coat your antique furniture and assorted chairs with white because the whole idea is to invite more light into a room. Complementary shades can make the space feel fresh and not jarring when done correctly. Mix and match with throw pillows and other furnishing. Just in case you want a tropical feel, coral, flamingo pink, sage green, jade green, sea green, soft blue, lemon, indigo, violet, marigold colourscater a fresh look.

  1. Make it cozy

Bring in additional floor seating with large outdoor floor cushions. Incorporate window seating for a casual atmosphere with plenty of seating options like bean bags, ottomans and poufs for a relaxing vibe. For extra seating, consider a built-in bench. Paint it white so it blends in with other furniture and creates the illusion of more open space. Create a napping nook by just stringing up a hammock or bring out a lounge chair to catch some blissful afternoon siestas.

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