Sai Estate Consultants has bagged an award at the Midday real estate icons event for the Fastest Growing Consultants of the year.


New Delhi, August 06, 2017: RERA registration deadline is 31st July. What happens now?

  • Background: Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRERA) chairperson Gautam Chaterjee has said it will not extend the deadline for registering projects under the Act beyond July 31. So far, 307 projects have been registered with the RERA. Now, the daily registration of projects has gone up to 50 and it may go up to 500 very soon. Around 15,000 projects are expected to register by end of the month. What happens to the unregistered stakeholders?
  • Idea: A spokesperson from SEC will talk on the following :

o   With RERA deadline coming nearer, how are developers struggling to get registered?

o   Problems faced while the registration is in process?

o   What happens to those who are unregistered?

Maharashtra Ownership of Flats Act (MOFA) to be replaced by Maha RERA?

  • Background: Talking about projects that have been completed and have got Occupation Certificates (OCs) till May 1, Gautam Chatterjee said that he has written to the state government to bring these projects under the jurisdiction of MahaRERA. Since such projects do not require to register with RERA the RERA official has written to the government to replace the Maharashtra Ownership of Flats Act (MOFA).
  • Idea: A spokesperson from SEC would like to share insights on:

o   If his appeal is accepted, how will it affect the projects that have already got OCs

o   Will this bring any change in the price of such projects?

o   How will it benefit buyers?

Will affordable housing really be a success in current market scenario?

  • Background: The ambitious plan to provide affordable houses for the poor may not be as easy as it seems owing to the lengthy procedures and non-availability of land. While the concept seems to be a simple solution to current housing woes, its execution remains complicated due to the unclear policy framework. The biggest challenge is the lack of clear definition for affordable housing. The demographics of our country ensure that the real estate sector needs to grow to meet the demands of an ever growing economy. The future of India and the future of real estate are intertwined with each other. Lack of transparency and credibility of builder, lack of skilled manpower, technology, suitability, delays in time and cost over-runs can prove to be barriers to the success of affordable housing.( how can u say this with RERA comming
  • Idea: A spokesperson from SEC would like to share insights on:

o   How the lack of availability of land and other factors can be a challenge for affordable housing

o   Ways in which they can be avoided.

Profile of the Director: Mr. Amit Wadhwani, Director of Sai Estate Consultants: Amit Wadhwani has played a key role in making Sai Estate Consultants a force to reckon with. Amit leads the sales endeavour at Sai Estate Consultants. He has ensured SEC has grown at a frenetic pace, from a TEAM of employees (50+ IIMs). Cutting his teeth in secondary real estate market, Amit’s in-depth knowledge of customer needs has paved the way for tie-ups with international markets too. For the past few years, investors have been reaping the benefits of portfolios curated to their specific requirements while end users are wide-eyed with disbelief due to the sheer variety of choices offered; all under the watchful eye of SEC which addresses all of their primary concerns – such as quality of construction, delivery timelines, payment schedules etc, the moment they walk in through the door.

He gets extensively quoted within lead stories across Times Group, Magic Bricks, CNBC amongst others where he talks nos. on sales, requirement, myths, boons etc.

Recently for Gudi Padwa he came up with an offer where you “buy a 1bhk house in Mumbai for 95 lakhs and you get a house in Alibaug free.” He has even earlier come up with such innovative and lucrative offers like buy 2 house and get 1 house free. The interesting thing to note is that these offers are given without any inflation in the prices and made sure that the risk factor on part of the consumers is negligible.

‘Sai Estate Consultants’ (SEC)– 1st ISO 9001 Certified & CRISIL Rated channel partners for both outright & leasing cases with emphasized focus across Mumbai and Delhi. The organization has built a reputation of being one the most reliable and trustworthy channel partners for all 60+ developers Sai works with.

Milestones to take note of:

  • Works with developers – likes of Ekta World, Lodha, Raheja, Tridhatu, Siddhivinayak amongst others
  • Handles professional marketing of 110 projects currently
  • 97% traffic for affordablehousing comes under Sai
  • Sai does sales of 128 crore+ a month

Sai also manages property portfolios (50cr+) of business groups and senior management of banks, etc.

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