Premium engineered Borneo Teak Floors By Xylos!


Premium engineered Borneo Teak Floors By Xylos!

New Delhi, February 22, 2019: From self-owned, sustainable teak forests of Borneo which is the World’ third-largest island, known for its precious teak, come Xylos’s superb engineered Borneo teak flooring.This premium Teak Flooring is luxurious, supremely easy, natural, engineered wood flooring durable to perfection.  You will love to look at these premium floors, redolent of classic elegance and warm hues.

Borneo Teak is a unique and authentic wood that is naturally free from chemicals and you don’t have to worry about it getting stained. You will revel in the naturally lustrous floor that needs no finish, but can also be varnished to a burnished gloss. Xylos offers their Borneo Teak flooring in 6 different design stains to choose from with an exclusive 190 mm width and 12mm thickness. The low-shrinkage ratio; high oily-resin content that makes it bacteria, termite and mildew resistant; the diffuse porous structure and beautiful natural tight grains make it the perfect top layer for engineered wooden flooring. This durable wood comes in straight or interlocked grain.  Xylos’s Borneo Teak flooring is made up of WBP glue making it highly water resistant. The heartwood is a dark golden-yellow to sheeny orange-brown. Exposed to lots of sunlight the heartwood matures to silvery-grey. The aged wood is a deep reddish-brown to stunning bronze Borneo Teak also has excellent anti-rot, chemical free properties and high tensile strength.

Interior designers and architects appreciate the lasting opulence of this timeless flooring.  Xylos assures every designer the flooring that is the most versatile to suit every style of project. As for home owners, the flooring will ensure you feel like you’re living in opulence and in a space that feels like your own. Every step in your home now will feel great.

Price :   Starting from Rs. 349/-

Size:  1210mm x 190 mm x 12mm

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