Planning to buy a plot in Hyderabad? These are the best investment bets!


New Delhi, March 27, 2018: From a long term prospect, investing in residential plots or properties is considered asa profitable option. Moreover, it has turned out to be a healthy investment option across the world.

The Indian government has been initiating various policies, bringing in some favorable changes into the real estate sector. Where, the Real Estate Regulatory Act (RERA) has been focusing on creating affordable housing across the country, the Real Estate Investments Trusts (REITs) has led to a surge in the flow of foreign investments.

Low-priced properties are preferred option, as they allow a greater scope for price appreciation. In India, Hyderabad is the most popular city for its vast land availability and affordability.

Experts from a Hyderabad-based realty firm, Janaharsha Group, consider South-Hyderabad as the best option to invest in for the affordability that it offers. Different areas in the region offer several residential spaces at competitive prices.

Over the last 6 years, various areas in South-Hyderabad have been providing healthy returns, with approximately 5-10 per cent appreciation in property rates.

Experts from Janaharsha highlighted a few prominent locations in this region that can prove to be a profitable land investment in the long term. Let’s find out:

  1. SRISAILAM HIGHWAY: This is one of the safest investment preferences, offering land rates as low as Rs 600 per sqft, on an average. Bustling with real estate activity, the area is developing at a fast pace. Various developers have already launched a wide range of quality ventures, primarily catering to the middle-income section. Offering relatively affordable prices, Srisailam Highway is likely to experience considerable demand in the coming years.
  2. BALAPUR: Popular for development of budget housing, Balapur is located towards the city centre. Boasting of land plots valued at Rs 1,050 per sqft, the land rates rise by approximately 10-15 per cent annually. This is because of the gradual enhancements in social and physical infrastructure of the region. Moreover, residential properties, such as apartments, villas and plots have been established in the area by several premium builders.
  3. ADIBATLA: With fast-growing Information Technology Investment Region (ITIR), Adibatla is witnessing a rise in demand for residential plots and apartments. Due to the gradual expansion in commercials, the locality is offering high returns on investments. Delivering land with prices leaping over Rs 930-950 per sqft, Adibatla is expected to see a massive growth in the housing demand, along with an introduction of IT companies.
  4. SHAMSHABAD: Another high-potential investment area, Shamshabad is a host to the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. With the establishment of the airport, land prices in the area have hiked up. At present, Shamshabad is in high-demand by both developers as well as buyers. The prices of land are approximately Rs 500-550 per sq ft.

Experts from Janaharsha Group inform that Hyderabad has an abundant availability of land. They ascertain that other than these areas, locations closer to Outer Ring Road, economic groups and transport connections are likely to offer high-potential yields in the long term.

 Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)