Kid-centric Homes: A New-age Concept of Realty Market


New Delhi, May 30, 2019: It goes without saying that a parent-kid relationship is the most beautiful aspect of human lives that forms the basis for the development of the society. Given that, with the rapid advancement in the ways this foundational relationship is evolving, there is a need for a solid support system and a conducive environment for this relationship to grow.

In addition, with increasing urbanisation and growing nuclear families with working parents, there is a need for a space that provides safety and security to the children while parents are away to work and at the same time, expose kids to several sports and co-curricular activities. This need of the hour has given rise to a new realty trend i.e., kid-centric homes. Typically, a kid-centric home is a gated community which provides all the facilities that are needed for children’s development and their all-round growth.

The need for kid-centric homes

In today’s world, when both the parents are generally working professionals and struggle to dedicate sufficient time towards the development and enhancement of their children, kid-centric homes come to the young parent’s rescue. Further, it would not be incorrect to mention that a child’s growth is hindered in a typical city dwelling/environment where there is a sheer lack of opportunities to play, interact and showcase one’s talent in front of his friends and competitors. Hence, in this case also, kid-centric homes assume lot of importance. Realising this need, few ace real estate developers of the country like Ashiana Housing have launched the innovative kid-centric homes to cater to the needs of the young parents.

Here, it is to be noted that gradually, the concept of kid-centric homes is gaining popularity among the real estate developers as well as the buyers who are seeing this as an opportunity to gift their children a better place to grow in their early childhood days. As per Keshav, grandfather of 13-year-old Nikhil, “In my opinion, kid-centric homes are a need of the hour as they have the potential to help kids in their earlier years, especially when their parents are away to work. Such homes have international-standard facilities and processes for encouraging, development and nurturing talent.

Facilities offered at kid-centric homes

With the inclusion of world-class facilities to address core necessities related not just to proper infrastructure but other pivotal areas such as learning and talent enhancement, inculcating important moral values and learning to share with their fellow beings in addition to others, the kid-centric homes are designed to nurture the crucial years of a kid’s life.

Such homes not only offer safe and secure atmosphere to the kids but also function towards the constructive and overall growth of the children. The five pillars of kid-centric homes on which Ashiana Housing’s projects are based are:

  1. Offers world-class infrastructure and facilities: The infrastructure of kid-centric homes include sport infra, learning hub and other kids-related amenities within the campus. Such homes are well-equipped with amenities such as club houses, playrooms, swimming pools, sports and co-curricular activity arena.
  2. Enhances process of learning and development: There are trained coaches & teachers in such societies which help in kids’ creative and logical development through theatres, music, storytelling, art and craft and spoken English etc. In fact, there is a activity executive who plan monthly calendar for these activities.
  3. Provides platform to nurture talent and passion: The kid-centric homes often organise various events wherein kids can participate and get appreciation through awards and prizes.
  4. Inculcates good values and life skills in children: By indulging in various activities like no smoking zone, traffic policing, Cleaning drive etc, kid-centric homes also ensure that good values, a sense of responsibility and life skills are inculcated in children right from an early age.
  5. Have good maintenance services: The maintenance team and other staff at such projects are also very kid-friendly. They maintain all the infrastructure so that kids can enjoy them. They also organize regular competitive events like quiz, swimming, badminton, painting etc, to bring competitive sprit in kids.

Ashiana’s kid-centric homes project

Ashiana Housing, which has been the pioneer in launching senior living and assisted living projects in India, has now forayed into kid-centric homes. Their two completed innovative and unique kid-centric projects are in Bhiwadi (Delhi NCR) and Jaipur. Their South Gurgaon (Sohna road) project is under construction and will be handed over soon. With customised designs to suit the needs and wants of kids, Ashiana’s kid-centric home are undoubtedly the best-in-class.

To sum up, kid-centric homes certainly have the potential to enhance the delicate relationship between the parents and their little angels in an intricate fashion. Thus, Ashiana Housing while implementing its innovative plans for construction of homes from the perspective of holistic development of children, is definitely chalking out a way for the parents to reorient their heavy investments for the better future of their next generation.