Ketaki And Siddharth Singh – Architect, Furniture Designer, Interior Designer


Name of the Architect: Ketaki And Siddharth Singh

Company Name: Green Hat Studio Pvt. Ltd.


Email: [email protected]

Contact No.:  +91-20 66200921

Address: Green Hat Studio Pvt. Ltd. Office no. F 22, First Floor, Super Mall, Wanawadi, Pune 411040

Architectural Expertise: Architect, Furniture Designer, Interior Designer, Kitchen / Bathroom Consultant, Landscape Designer

Architect Profile:

Ketaki has over 10 years of working experience in Design management and execution mainly comprising residential and commercial projects along with industrial,healthcare and interior design projects.She has also worked in the KPO and led teams for various international projects. She has an experience on coordinating various hospitality and residential projects for clients in the UK and Canada. One of the projects she worked for includes Mazdar Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) Abu Dhabi. With a diverse experience of more than 12 years, Siddharth specializes in the field of Architecture,Interior Design and Planning. He has worked on varied projects such as residential,commercial,township, SEZs across India. During his professional excursion, Siddharth  has been involved right from conception till the execution. He has led teams and created landmarks that are not only appreciated by the client but have established benchmarks for quality and timely completion of projects. 

Company Profile:

At Green Hat Studio, we believe that designing a space for you means considering multiple aspects like space, construction integrity, the economy of means, aesthetics etc. We are continuously exploring to enhance your experience by increasing the quality of your space.

Green Hat Studio design approach is conceived not as a synthesized space of definite activities but as a place to be occupied by you, and as a place to make easy the route of human interaction. This restricts us from following any definite style of work and the form evolves after taking into consideration the function and the site specific environment. Yet the form is independent enough to be unique. While deriving the form, a thread is constantly tied to the energies around the building and how to make the building energy efficient. This encourages us to use local materials, craft persons and appropriate technologies.All and all we strive to give you a product which is functionally efficient, aesthetically pleasing, responds positively to climatic factors, and age gracefully.