Kalingastone Breaks Mythical Barriers in Carving Artistry


Bengaluru, March 24, 2016: KalingaStone, the flagship brand of Classic Marble Company (CMC) has opened up a host of designing possibilities in the art of engraving in the engineered stone category. Stone engraving was previously an art practised only on natural stones. With the introduction of KalingaStone, architects, sculptors and generally, design aficionados have found a way to unleash their creativity with the sheer multitude of choices in colour tones and patterns to experiment with. From over 30 varieties of marble in the white and beige shades to choose, KalingaStone offers artisans to work miracles with stones whether as a piece of manmade craftsmanship or mechanically assisted artwork.

Classy colours and elegant veining in the KalingaStone engineered marble add grandeur to the overall area. Engraved pillars or arches with fine floral designs can work wonders when installed in prayer rooms. Perforated marble wall cladding can be an inspiring design in modern apartment architecture. A perforated marble slab can also work as a wall partition without compromising the decor of a given space.

The marble slabs can be custom made as per one’s requirement of colour, size, patterns etc. KalingaStone, an easy care product with a non-porous and hard surface is engineered to fortify against the absorption of oils and staining, and to provide protection to the decorative marble surface.

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