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Bangalore, June 19, 2015 – Imagine this, you are excited that your new apartment/ house is ready to occupy next month and you share this information with your family and friends. The immediate response you get from them is, wait …there is more! Are you done with your kitchen furnishing? Did you find the right carpenter? Where do you plan to buy the kitchen furnishings from? Have you compared the price discounts available with different vendors? And the list of questions would just go on.

Further, in no time you will witness that your weekends are wasted with umpteen visits to different furnishing vendors (big & small) on finalizing the materials that you need and that you might not need. Also, in your sincere effort to haggle prices and get a good deal, on one of your weekends you might even play Sherlock Holmes to find “The Vendor shop” who would give “The best discount in the town”.

Very soon you would realize that Kitchen and Home furnishing is not an easy task and you would wish for someone to just fix this for you, the way your grocery shopping, jewelry shopping, etc. was fixed in the new age of e-commerce.

Now Imagine this:

1. Instead of going from one vendor to another, if you could just sit by your laptop and browse over 1000s of kitchen designs online and finalize your design, need be you also have an option to consult an architect to customize your needs.

2. Further, once the design is finalized, you can select a vendor from a list of available vendors based on what you prefer in terms of brand, proximity, price etc.

3. Post choosing the vendor and being a part of transparent transaction all you have to do is make the payment and ensure on-time and on -budget delivery!

4. Voila… you are done with choosing your kitchen and home furnishing ( DESIGN) in less than 60 mins, which otherwise would take at least 2 months.

You might wonder as to what would enable such seamless functioning? It is, is an online platform that provides modular furnishing and home furnishing solutions.

Demystifying, democratising and delight-filling the interior design process is the goal. Empowering customers with their own personal designer, providing a fun, engaging sales process, offering transparent and fair pricing and ensuring on-time, on-budget delivery, is what sets CapriCoast apart. 
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