Gauri Argade -Acoustic / Home Theatre, Architect,


Name of the Architect: Gauri Argade

Company Name: Kaamya Design Studio


Email: [email protected]

Contact No.:  9819139490

Address: Abhinav Nagar, Borivali east, Mumbai 400066

Architectural Expertise: Acoustic / Home Theatre, Architect, Building Automation, Colour Consultant, Decor Stylist, Furniture Designer, Interior Designer, Kitchen / Bathroom Consultant, Landscape Designer, Lighting Designer, Vastushastra / Feng Shul

Architect Profile:

He was started design studio in 2009, after working with few architects Dighe Shikre associates, Sameera Rathod architects & Planet 3 Studios. He was completed Diploma in Interior Designing From PVP , SNDT juhu. He was love design as much as He was love Photography as much as I love Travel. I am a great admirer of Steve Jobs and his famous quote Do what you love is what He was strongly believe in. Good compositions & beauty attracts my attention be it into a design a photograph or even music.He love taking up photography assignments when I am not designing. I am a part of a team of passionate photographers. He was teach Furniture design & Product design in PVP, SNDT four hours a week. My inspiration to join as a visiting faculty in my alma mater was to stay connected with young minds as much as with my roots. As I knew the syllabus & the teaching pattern it was easy for me to know what to expect from my students.

Company Profile:

Kaamya” (sanskrit: काम्य meaning desirable, full of passion), is a young Interior design Studio based in Mumbai, India, set up in 2009 headed by Gauri Argade. We, at Kaamya design studio, help you create your personal spaces. We adorn it; we beautify it, so that your space truly reflects your individuality. For us, Design is not a purpose, but a passion! ‟ we Strongly Believe in uniqueness for each project.