Floor – Determines the personality of the owner BY Suresh Kumar Mansukhani,Country Manager – IndianSubContinent


August 27, 2015

Floor is one of the most important aspects of any living space as it determines the personality of the owner and his aesthetic value for the products he uses. Solid hardwood under the feet is a sensual pleasure. Pleasing to the eye, karmic to the soul and naturally warm to the touch! Wood inspires. Wood comforts. Wood awakens your senses. In any living space, its presence is a real source of pleasure.

Earlier, people considered Granite and Marble as the best for floors, but now the awareness about Hardwood Floor is picking up & the people today are demanding hardwood floors as these are sustainable, with the perfect combination of style and comfort which will leave one spellbound, while adding to the decor.

In hilly areas of India or where the climate generally remains cold, people have been using wood for floor since ages due to absorption of the low temperature, which keeps the rooms cosy. Similarly, in the hot season, real solid wood floor retains the cooling effect, thereby reducing the air conditioning costs. Solid Hardwood Floor has numerous advantages which is why one must opt for it in India. It is the best form of flooring considering the Indian Climatic conditions, provided it has a moisture control level of 8% (depending upon species). The fixing / installation of Wooden Floors also come with innovative technologies today like the Clip Installation Technology. The Clip Installation Technology not only helps in the expansion and contraction due to climatic changes, it also helps in maintaining the gaps and the aesthetic value of the Solid Wood Flooring. The manufacturing units who are manufacturing such wooden flooring today, also ensure that proper re plantation is done when trees are cut to manufacture Wooden Flooring. This ensures a green environment.

As evident, hardwood is the best flooring solution for both commercial complexes & residences due to traffic volume and climate that changes dramatically at different times of the year, something typical to India and the subcontinent. The hardwood floors are thus exquisite, made for life- meaning real people’s real lives, to look beautiful through generations of daily use. They are sure to add modishness to one’s style statement. The classic and confident looks of these flooring will enhance any interior style with their unaffected naturalness. The warmth and the sensuous texture of these floors will leave one enthralled while accentuating the interior decor.