Canna Patel – Architect, Interior Designer


Name of the Architect: Canna Patel

Company Name: HCP Interior Architecture Pvt. Ltd.


Email: [email protected]

Contact No.:  +91 79 27550113

Address: 302 Paritosh, Usmanpura, Ahmedabad – 380013

Architectural Expertise: Architect, Interior Designer

Architect Profile:

Canna Patel is an Architect and Interior Designer with over 28 years of professional experience. Having completed her Bachelors in Architecture at CEPT, Ahmedabad she did her Masters at U.C. Berkeley.  She is the Chairperson HCP Interior Design Pvt. Ltd. (HCPID), widely regarded as a reputable and professionally managed firm.

Her early career focused on Interior Design projects, in which she has established a nationwide reputation, renowned for her signature style of designed interiors that complement and indeed, seamlessly blend with the Architectural forms and spaces.  Focus on detailing and integration of art in her interiors and architecture are trademarks of her work.

Her Indian upbringing and exposure to the country’s cultural diversity and rich heritage has had deep and significant influence on her creativity and an eye for contrast.  Further education and work experience in the US, and extensive travel all over Europe, China, SE Asia and Australia has also influenced much of her work.  The combination is many ways represents synthesis that reflects contemporary India.  More recently, she has executed Architectural commissions that reflect a fine sensitivity to Indian climate, social norms, cultural values and aspirations. 

Company Profile:

HCP Interior Architecture Pvt. Ltd. (HCPIA) is an interior architecture firm based in Ahmedabad. HCPIA has completed a large number of diverse projects. Our firm offers services in Interior Design, Architecture Design, Space Planning and Project Management.  Over the years HCPIA has carried out a number of projects for clients all over India.  Completed Projects include Corporate Offices, Hotels, Retail Showrooms, Private Residences, Health Clinics and Government Institutes and Departments.