6 Awesome Ways to Make Your Rented Flat Feel Homely – Mr. Sudarshan Purohit Co-Founder & CEO Zenify.in


New Delhi, June 29, 2016: Being away from home can be a challenging phase in your life. Staying in a rented space or lease apartment, where decorating options are limited, can make you feel out of place. Transforming your dull rented space into a friendly abode is a great way to reduce the pain of being away from home.

Here’s how you can brighten up your space (and your mood) with a few easy hacks!

Green It

This is, undoubtedly, one of the most convenient ways you can enliven your rent apartment without breaking the bank. If you lead a busy schedule and don’t have time to look after plants, then bring home low-maintenance varieties that don’t need much care.

Place these in dull corners of the room, atop tables or desks, or even in your kitchen, to bring a cheerful element into the area. Flowers are another way you can add a refreshing twist.

Floored, and How!

Are the boring tiles on the floor taking away from your room’s charm? Beautify them with artistic rugs!

There’s a rug for any space or layout you’re working with. If your dining area or living area lack a bit of personality, introducing a rug will help you anchor the decor.

A thoughtfully planted rug will uplift the look of your room and help you draw attention to this area. Going with printed rugs when you have plain walls helps to add texture to the area. Opt for a solid or pastel-toned rug if your have different types of furniture or graphic wallpapers, to harmonise the look.

Let There Be Light

Lighting can make or break the looks of any room.

Inadequate lighting can make even a spacious and cozy space look tedious. Conversely, having the right lighting will help you set the right tone and create a lasting impression.

Light accents like lamps or floor lights can help draw eyes to the features you want highlighted in a particular area. You can even go with different shades to play around with different moods and intensities. Ceiling accents can help in accentuating the look of your dining area, corridor, or living room.

You can also go with scented candles to brighten up your desk, the fireplace mantel, or any other area, and add a touch of class and sensuality.

Divide and Rule

If you stay in a studio apartment, dividers will help you to configure spaces and make them more functional.

Using folding screens, curtains, glass panels or mirrors to section off an area helps bring in a bit of privacy while pepping up the looks of this area. It’s a flexible option that will give your room the makeover it needs, and keep the area light without taking up much of space.

Create your personal reading nook by sectioning off a portion of your flat using free-standing bookshelves or a pony wall. Accentuate the ambience in this space further with appropriate light fixtures.

Pop That Color

Styling your space with statement furniture is one of the low-risk ways you can instantly modify the appeal of a room.

Paint your beat-up furniture in bold colours to break the monotonous spell in an area. You can convert functional furniture into pieces of art and make them steal the limelight. Colouring up the insides of the shelves with the use of paints or sticky wallpapers will add a playful element.

Furniture with bright furnishings help to bring an edge to your room’s appeal and make it more modish.

Go Off-The-Wall

Modifying the look of your walls is one of the budget-friendly ways you can spruce up the character of your room.

Personalise that blank wall in your living area by hanging up your family portraits or artistic frames. You can paint, use temporary wallpapers, or glue stick-on tiles on the walls to increase appeal. Layering up your walls with artwork also helps by concealing peeled off surfaces, smudged areas, and electrical wires.

Use stick-on hooks to prop up artworks on the walls in a non-invasive manner.

Reinvent your rental property or lease flats with these ideas to make yourself a home away from home. Don’t forget to leave a comment below and let us know your take on these makeover hacks!

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