4 year old child from Yemen saved from becoming visually challenged through complex eye surgeries


The child was suffering from corneo lenticular adhesion syndrome a rare congenital eye disease

Bangalore, October 13, 2017: What better way to celebrate World Sight Day than gifting vision. And that is what doctors at Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital presented 4 year old Lara Waleed with. Lara Waleed from Yemen was suffering from a rare complex eye disorder called corneo lenticular adhesion syndrome.

Corneo lenticular adhesion syndrome is a condition wherein there is an adhesion between cornea iris and lens. The condition disrupts vision and if left untreated can lead to permanent loss of vision.  In the case of Lara Waleed she was suffering from corneo lenticular adhesion syndrome in her right eye from birth. Her condition was such that, apart from cornea iris and lens being stuck to each other, her lens had cataract which obstructed her vision. Further, owing to the syndrome she had developed secondary glaucoma also.

As it was a rare disorder, the parents took her to Egypt for treatment. At young age of one year itself, she had to undergo 2 surgeries. While the surgeries helped in correcting her glaucoma, it did not correct her vision. The treatment went on for 2 years. But Lara’s condition continued to worsen and she was not able to see anything.  This led the doctors to inform her parents to discontinue Lara’s treatment as any further surgical intervention can lead to Pthisis (Shrinking) of her right eye.

The family did not give up hope. Their search for an advanced treatment for their child led them to Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital in Bangalore. On arrival the child had very minimal vision. In fact, she could barely see light with her right eye.  After detailed examination Dr. Bindiya Hapani, Cataract surgeon and Medical Retina Expert, Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital and team identified that the child was not only to be suffering from corneo lenticular adhesion syndrome and cataract but also from persistent pupillary membrane (a condition wherein bits and pieces of the pupillary tissue strands remain in one’s iris) along with ciliary process pulled in the pupillary area. Ciliary processes are formed by the inward folding of the various layers of the choroid, the area between the retina and the sclera. Though a high risk case, as the condition was progressing towards permanent loss of vision, Dr. Bindya and team decided to take up the case and give chance to vision. They administered a complex eye surgery that lasted for four hours on the child.  Today, the child has not only been cured of her rare condition, she has started identifying objects.

 Elaborating about the treatment, Dr. Bindiya Hapani, Cataract surgeon and Medical Retina Expert, Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital, said, “Apart from treating the corneo lenticular adhesion syndrome the biggest challenge in Lara was the tendency of her eye to shrink. Further, being young, the tissues inside the eyes are very minute and tender, the treatment called for multiple interventions on these tiny tissues that also posed a high risk. We opted for a systematic approach that lasted around 4 hours. Firstly, we cleared the pupillary membrane, removed cataract and fixed IOL (Intraocular lens). Then we addressed the ciliary process, released them and restored her vision.”

Sharing their joy, Mrs. Waleed (father of the patient) said, “Last 4 years have been frustrating. We have been mentally and physically drained.  We had completely lost hope of saving our daughter from becoming visually challenged until we met the doctors at Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital. I am thankful to the ophthalmic experts for not only restoring the vision but also for giving us back our cheerful Lara

The case of 4 year old Lara is not only a testimony of medical expertise; it also stands as a tall example of how compassion and care cannot be restricted by boundaries.

Apart from sharing the joy of gifting vision to Lara, the occasion also witnessed the launch of Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital’s World Sight Day Campaign. This unique initiative is to create awareness and detect preventable blindness. The campaign will witness Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital conducting free eye check-up camps across its centres in the city. The camp will be held from today to 13th  October, 2017.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)