Why coworking spaces are the best bet for start-ups and small businesses


Manas Mehrotra, Founder, 315Work Avenue

Shared office systems provide the perfect blend of community and flexibility for startups and small businesses to thrive. With the availability of hi-tech amenities, coworking spaces are the go-to destination for start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs to collaborate and innovate. Such spaces also play a crucial role in the development and success of these businesses by providing a supportive environment to accommodate changing needs. This could result in plenty of new ventures as these businesses, working from a coworking space get to interact with people coming from a variety of backgrounds. Indian start-ups have shown a significant increase in leasing flexible office spaces in the last few years, second only to the technology sector. The small business sector is critical to achieving a $5 trillion economy for India as it employs over 100 million people and accounts for 40 percent of manufacturing output.  In this context, it would be appropriate to look at multiple factors that explain why start-ups and small businesses opt to work from shared spaces.

Cost-effectiveness and flexibility

 One of the primary advantages of coworking spaces is their cost-effectiveness and flexibility. For startups and small businesses with limited resources, renting or leasing traditional office spaces can be a significant financial burden. Many start-ups have also resorted to taking up space in coworking spaces rather than conventional offices to save costs and there are early signs of caution among start-ups. Coworking spaces also offer a more affordable alternative, with membership options that cater to different needs and budgets. This affordability allows entrepreneurs to allocate their capital to other critical areas.

Enhanced professionalism and credibility

 Enhanced professionalism and credibility are key benefits of a coworking space for startups and small businesses. These spaces offer a professional environment that can significantly elevate the image and reputation of businesses. Perception plays a vital role in the success of startups and small businesses. Operating out of a professional coworking space can significantly enhance the credibility of a business. Well-equipped spaces convey a sense of professionalism and create a positive impression, increasing the chances of closing deals and attracting investors, thus proving that coworking spaces empower startups and small businesses.

Freedom to scale-up and scale-down at ease

 It might be challenging to find affordable and short-term spaces for small business owners looking for office space. Many businesses cannot meet the commitment required by bulk of commercial leases, which are at least one year long. In case, coworking spaces sign short-term contracts, this enables businesses to scale up or down like many of them do. The majority of coworking spaces provide daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly passes, allowing users to pay for the number of months they need the space.

Networking opportunities are plentiful

For entrepreneurs who are still finding out how to build their firm, the challenges of starting and expanding a small company can be overwhelming. By providing fantastic networking opportunities, coworking spaces help to alleviate some of the enormous strain that proprietors of small businesses have. Meeting and establishing connections with subject experts can help a start-up grow its business that requires the exposure and familiarity with other entrepreneurs to expand their business. Coworking spaces in short unleashes the creative instincts of professionals.

Scaling the brand status in a racy ecosystem

 Operating from a coworking space, small businesses and start-ups can present a more professional image to their clients and partners. This is because they have a dedicated workspace that can be used for branding, business meetings and other professional activities. Overall, coworking spaces can provide start-ups with a serious work ambience that can help improve their professional image and support their business. Start-ups from diverse sectors, including tech, manufacturing, banking, financial services and consulting amongst others are now embracing flexible office formats in a big way.

Getting the best out of work and life

 Coworking spaces can provide a better work-life balance for the workforce. Because coworking spaces often have flexible hours and a variety of amenities, such as on-site childcare or fitness centers, they can help people better manage time and prioritize well-being. The social aspect of coworking spaces also provides a sense of community and support, which reduces stress and improves mental health.

Overall, there are numerous benefits associated with shared spaces, which are drawing the attention of big and small enterprises alike along with startups. By exposing employees to multiple perspectives, coworking environments inspire refreshing creativity and perspectives. All these advantages have lent great value to the coworking industry over traditional offices which indicates a brighter future for this new age asset class. Therefore, it goes without saying that the coworking culture will drive the future of workspaces.