Vertical Garden with Innovated Drip and Sprinklers by Green O2


Hassle Free Gardening for Friends of Nature

New Delhi, June 24, 2015 – In the present day, the Vertical Garden is a rage & in demand. Due to increase in population and construction worldwide, the natural gardens are shrinking because of which we are unable to inhale fresh air. It is always recommended to inhale fresh air to remain fit & what better then the greenery in your own garden. But with increasing pollution it may get exhausted if not taken care of. Also due to water concerns which is precious and expensive or maintenance reasons, people avoid gardening.

Most of us are familiar with vertical garden or green walls concept, which is gaining popularity these days. Vertical garden is vertically fixed on walls with flowers, plants and herbs like any other normal garden. This garden is also called Green Walls as it brings greenery close to you through your walls.

“After numerous processes, we have developed the concept of Drip Irrigation Kit and with the help of this we are now able to help grow plants in balcony, terrace area or any other open area to preserve plants. The kit has been a huge success & we are now extending the range by helping you keep your wall area green. This concept is being used worldwide since many years, but we have further developed it using our Drip Irrigation system. Our product is one of its kind and different from others, as it is a complete solution for the plant lovers.”,

explains Mr. Vineet Jain of Delhi based Vidhi Enterprises – the company behind ‘Green O2’. The Drip Irrigation kit is also a complete watering solution for all, starting from one who owns 10 plants to one who own 300 plants. It works on gravity, and the kits include all type of fittings, that anyone might need for the installation.

This is a ready to use kit and has 3X4 frames for 12 pots. This can be hanged in drawing rooms or living rooms which will give you natural & fresh air during the day. Now, you can relax and breathe fresh oxygen without stepping out in the open. In order to make full use of this green wall or vertical garden at your home, you can plant herbs or salad leaves adding options and utility. The price range of ‘Green O2’s incredible environment friendly kits offer 2 options – Kitchen Garden and Vertical garden. The Kitchen Garden is priced at Rs 1100 for 10 plants and the Vertical Garden is priced at Rs 5100 for 12 pots, which also includes an aluminium tray and a 2 inch aluminium frame to protect the walls from moisture. It also has a plastic tray to hold excess water and thus drain out if needed. The Timer Kit is priced at Rs 3000 onwards that comes with 1 year warranty. These are available at SnapDeal and besides physical sales point at 485A/7 A, Ahinsa compound, Dilshad Garden Industrial Area, Shahdra, New Delhi-110095.

Green O2 kit comprises the drip irrigation system, drip laterals, fittings, drippers etc. so that you are completely sorted & all you need to do is just add the water outlet sourcing to the kit inlet. They also supply extra pipe and fittings in the kit box, enabling anyone to join the kits and make a complete green wall. These kits just need to be hanged on 2 screws, so for a complete wall, we just need a simple hammer and screws. The advanced kit is a boon for today’s busy couples as it comes with a timer which not only saves you the hassle of everyday watering but also keeps the plants healthy as it has inbuilt drip irrigation system and is attached to a tap and waters them twice everyday in approximately 10 minutes and within 2 minutes, all the plants are watered. Since the pots are of a good size, you can easily add urea or top soil for better plantation. This kit saves upto 70% of your precious water, time and gives you fresh oxygen, fragrance and a blissful feeling to be in love with nature.

The new addition in the kit is Misters and Micro sprinklers, which is for users with lawn garden. In order to make the kit a complete solution, a pre fitted drip assembly, which has flexible extension tube,has been added so that plants on floor, wall, pots can be watered. The kit with micro sprinklers help in watering the lawn or terrace garden as needed. The Misters help to create a vertical mist, which helps in bringing down the temperature by upto 10% ina few minutes. Also, they help in giving shower to the plants from top.

This Vertical Garden Kit will help us all to contribute to the world in fighting global warming and filling up the ozone hole. We are hopeful that everyone pledges to plant at least one tree / plant and further advise two more people to do so, the global warming will have to accept defeat. CCI Newswire