VEKA India Introduces Window & Door Profiles For Soundproofing


Mumbai, December 08, 2015: VEKA India, a subsidiary of VEKA AG – the world’s second largest manufacturers of windows and doors systems has introduced window profiles that could accommodate glass with thickness of 40 mm. A first-of-a-kind in the Indian scenario, the profiles will efficiently cut noise levels for residences and commercial spaces in the cities. A glass of 40mm thickness offers the ideal solution for high performance acoustics however there were no suitable profiles available to accommodate glass of such thickness, until now. VEKA India has built these profiles specifically for the Indian market and will be available across all major cities in the country.

Pollution, both noise and dust, being the bigger issues in the metros VEKA India’s uPVC profiles address and provide effective solutions for living spaces. The main USP of uPVC material or windows is the welded corners, the high insulating properties and excellent weather-ability. These characteristics coupled with the possibility of installing glass with thickness of up to 40 mm can reduce external noise by 42 to 47 decibels (dB) and can almost completely eliminate the ingress of dust or even water. The profiles have excellent sound insulating properties and can be equipped with special glazing and could be made more effective by using counter sash or box-type windows. VEKA profiles are suitable for all sound insulation classes.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)