Transitioning from Easy Beginnings to Sustained Living


By Lalit Makhijani, Chief Marketing Officer at Godrej Properties Limited.

Transitioning from Easy Beginnings:

What clicks in your head when you think of a transition? A transition to a new phase in life or a transition of place or a new home. The motive is to find a key and strike a balance when transitioning from easy beginnings to sustained ease. It may not sound music to your ears, but proper planning and awareness about various property rates will help you turn a better chapter from your present phase of easy beginnings to sustained comfort.

To live life in sustained ease can seem counter intuitive in today’s world where most of us have the ability to live beyond our means. But to do so, you need to hike up through numerous barriers. In a world sprawling with millennials, house buying has become a major initiative among young working professionals and their families. But what’s in there for first-time buyers?To draw out the veil, I will share a few key findings that has helped me transition to a stable life. But in order to do so, we need to focus on the key barrier and then arrive to its solution.

Know where you want to live

Before shifting to a new city or buying new property, you need to know where you want to live. Followed with that comes the locality and the property rates. Often, young professionals suffer at balancing income and expenditure in the right way at the right time. Keeping the current levels of income in mind and a substantial amount of savings will make it easy for young adults to raise a deposit. Therefore, you must be completely sure where you want to live for the foreseeable future, then you can roll up your sleeves and figure out how much you want to spend building a home. With Easy Beginnings, you will find ease when it comes to the booking fee or down payment.

Buying your dream home

Purchasing a dream house on a single thought can sound taxing. We break down your trouble and give you an easy start to buying a new home with luxurious amenities. Though, developments in various phases for home buying has resulted in a heavy spike of property rates, but this doesn’t uproot the willingness of home buyers to acquire a fancy home within a well-equipped neighbourhood. This is so because, today people are more focused on smart saving than splurging. In addition to this, our fluid down payment scheme allows you to select the right homes aiding to your existing financial plans. Not only financial assistance, but it also eliminates the winding route of finding your right home through a middleman.

Finding your ideal home style

Whether it’s the aesthetics of a home or an actual style of living, you would want to ensure that your home is the one you’d want to go back to each day. This is the final step you need tolook into while searching for a home in a house. Since aesthetics of a home is the first thing that you notice about a property, finding the right style of home that fits your personality is an essential key.

Book your desired plot without a second thought because our booking fee allows you to break the entry barrier, thereby allowing you to further spend to customize a property to your exact specifications. Once you know which style of living you prefer and how to blend in the aesthetics, your obstacle to finding an ideal home style is half conquered.This establishes a stable bridge that leads you to live a sustained life. But to pursue sustainable housing, it is important to buy a property in a sustainable location. If the climatic conditions take a reroute, then your plan and end goal will suffer a great loss. Therefore, the idea behind discovering your ideal home is to be able to maintain a comfortable living within reasonable sustainable housing.

Lastly, I’d advice the homebuyers to not exhaust the entire savings and end up being marooned. It is always wise to take the plunge by keeping enough capital for yourself in the future. Think of long-term prospects and its pros and cons. In a world where technology and property rates are constantly evolving, you need to integrate smart technology with sustainability to stand the test of time.

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